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What is organic chemistry? The chemistry of carbon (living things).
What are alkanes? Hydrocarbons
Tell me about methane. CH4, simplest alkane.
Tell me about ethane C2H6, used for plastics.
Tell me about propane. C3H8, used for bbqs
Tell me about butane. C4H10, used for cigarette lighters.
Tell me about pentane C5H12
Tell me about hexane C6H14
What do all alkanes have in common? All these things can be found in gasoline.
Why do we have so many carbons? (REALLY IMPORTANT) Carbon has four valence electrons, it can either give up 4 or gain 4. Which makes it super compatible with other elements.
Can Carbons combine with each other? Yes, they can have double bonds with each other.
What is essential for life and all living things to have? Carbon.
What gets more wet as it dries? Towel.
Why aren't there many silicon combinations? Silicon doesn't like itself? It will never double bond with itself. It will however bond with itself if others are around (Si-O-Si-O)
What is silicon used for? Silicon is used for nose jobs, boob jobs, ect.It is also used in science fiction novels.
What ending is added when Alkanes meet OH? The -e suffix is dropped and an -ol suffix is added instead.
Methane + OH = ? Methyl alcohol - methanol (wood alcohol)
Ethane + OH = ? Ethyl alcohol - ethanol (grain alcohol)
Propane + OH = ? Propyl alcohol - propanol
Butane + OH = ? Butyl alcohol - butanol
What is Isopropyl Alcohol 70% used for? It can be found in your medicine cabinet.
What is Acetic Acid 5%? It's what an ant injects in you when it bites you.
What is formic acid? When you hadd CO to OH and mix that with an alkane. That's what you get. COOH + alkane
What is Benzene rings? They are bonds that are connected as an entire unit where everything shares everything.
What is Nanochemisty? The study of really really tiny things?
What is graphene? It's something that was discovered 10 years ago, it's a sheet of carbon that is one molecule thick.
What is changing the fastest? The rate of change.
What is poly alcohol? It's when an alkane has more than one OH.
What is Ethylene Glycol? Anti-freeze, it tastes sweet and kills pets.
How do you calculate the number of electrons in an alkane? CnH2n+2 (n is the number of carbon atoms)
What is the molecular formula for benzene? C6H6.
What is an aromatic compound? Any compound that contains a benzene ring or has properties that are similar to benzene.
Created by: Carprincess