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Exam herbs all

Property and Channels

*MA HUANG Warm – Slightly Bitter- Pungent / Lung, Bladder
*GUI ZHI Warm - Pungent - Sweet / Lung, Bladder, Heart
JING JIE Slightly Warm-Pungent / Lung, Liver
FANG FENG Slightly Warm-Pungent - Sweet / Lung, Liver, Spleen
BO HE Cool – Pungent / Lung, Liver
SANG YE Cold – Bitter – Sweet / Lung, Liver
*JU HUA Slightly Cold – Bitter - Sweet / Lung, Liver, Kidney
*CHAI HU Slightly Cold - Pungent / Liver, Gall Bladder
*DA HUANG Cold - Bitter / Liver, Large Intestine, Heart, Spleen, Stomach
*HOU MA REN Neutral - Sweet / Large Intestine
*SHAN ZHA Slightly Warm - Sweet – Sour / Spleen, Stomach, Liver
SHEN QU Warm-Pungent - Sweet / Spleen, Stomach
MAI YA Neutral - Sweet / Spleen, Stomach, Liver
LAI FU ZI Neutral- Pungent - Sweet / Spleen, Stomach, Liver
*ZHI MU Cold – Bitter – Sweet / Lung, Stomach, Kidney
*ZHI SHI Slightly Cold - Bitter – Pungent / Lung, Stomach, San Jiao
*SHENG DI HUANG Cold – Bitter - Sweet / Kidney, Liver, Heart
XUAN SHEN Cold – Bitter - Sweet - Salty / Kidney, Stomach, Lung
*CHI SHAO Slightly Cold- Bitter / Liver
*MU DAN PI Cold - Bitter - Pungent / Kidney, Liver, Heart
*HUANG QIN Cold - Bitter / Stomach, Large Intestine, Gall Bladder, Lung
*HUANG LIAN Cold – Bitter / Stomach, Large Intestine, Liver, Heart
*HUANG BAI Cold – Bitter / Kidney, Bladder, Large Intestine
LONG DAN CAO Cold - Bitter / Stomach, Liver, Gall Bladder
*JIN YIN HUA Cold - Sweet / Lung, Stomach, Large Intestine
*LIAN QIAO Slightly Cold - Bitter - Pungent / Liver, Gall Bladder, Heart
PU GONG YING Cold – Bitter - Sweet / Stomach, Liver
BAN LAN GEN Cold - Bitter / Stomach, Heart
QING HAO Cold - Bitter - Pungent / Kidney, Liver, Gall Bladder
DI GU PI Cold – Bland - Sweet / Kidney, Lung
*ROU GUI Hot - Pungent - Sweet / Spleen, Kidney, Liver, Heart
*WU ZHU YU Hot - Bitter - Pungent / Spleen, Stomach, Liver
GAO LIANG JIANG Hot – Pungent / Spleen, Stomach
*DU HUO Warm – Bitter – Pungent / Kidney, Liver, Gallbladder
WEI LING XIAN Warm-Pungent – Salty / Bladder (12 channels)
*SANG JI SHENG Neutral – Bitter – Sweet / Kidney, Liver
QIN JIAO Slightly Cold - Bitter - Pungent / Stomach, Large Intestine, Liver, Gallbladder
MU GUA Warm – Sweet - Astringent / Liver, Spleen, Stomach
*CANG ZHU Warm - Bitter- Pungent - Aromatic / Spleen, Stomach
*HOU PO Warm - Bitter- Pungent - Aromatic / Spleen, Stomach, Lung, Large intestine
HOU XIANG Slightly Warm-Pungent - Aromatic / Spleen, Stomach, Lung
SHA REN Warm-Pungent - Aromatic / Spleen, Stomach
*FU LING Neutral - Sweet - Bland / Spleen, Heart, Kidney
*ZE XIE Cold - Sweet - Bland / Kidney, Bladder
*CHE QIAN ZI Cold - Sweet / Liver, Lung
YI YI REN Slightly Cold - Sweet - Bland / Spleen, Stomach, Lung
JIN QIAN CAO Neutral - Sweet – Bland / Kidney, Bladder, Liver, Gall Bladder
YIN CHEN HAO Slightly Cold - Bitter / Spleen, Stomach, Liver, Gall Bladder
REN SHEN Slightly Warm – Slightly Bitter - Sweet / Spleen, Lung
*DANG SHEN Neutral - Sweet / Spleen, Lung
*BAI ZHU Warm - Bitter – Sweet / Spleen, Stomach
*HUANG QI Slightly Warm – Sweet / Spleen, Lung
GAN CAO Neutral - Sweet / Spleen, Lung, Stomach, Heart
*DANG GUI Warm-Pungent - Sweet / Liver, Heart, Spleen
*BAI SHAO Cool - Bitter – Sour / Liver, Spleen
HE SHOU WU Slightly Warm – Bitter – Sweet –Astringent / Liver, Kidney
*SHU DI HUANG Slightly Warm - Sweet / Liver, Kidney, Heart
SHA SHEN Slightly Cold - Sweet / Lung, Spleen
*MAI MEN DONG Cold – Bitter - Sweet / Heart, Lung, Spleen
TIAN MEN DONG Cold – Bitter - Sweet / Kidney, Lung
GOU QI ZI Neutral – Sweet / Kidney, Liver, Lung, Heart, Stomach
YIN YANG HUO Warm – Pungent - Sweet / Kidney, Liver
DU ZHONG Warm - Sweet / Kidney, Liver
*TU SI ZI Neutral – Pungent – Sweet / Kidney, Spleen, Liver
*BU GU ZHI Warm - Bitter- Pungent / Kidney, Spleen
*CHEN PI Warm - Bitter- Pungent - Aromatic / Spleen, Stomach, Lung
QING PI Warm - Bitter- Pungent - Aromatic / Stomach, Liver, Gall Bladder
*ZHI SHI Slightly Cold - Bitter – Pungent / Spleen, Stomach, Large Intestine
ZHI QIAO (KE) Slightly Cold - Bitter - Pungent / Spleen, Stomach, Large Intestine
*MU XIANG Warm - Bitter- Pungent / Spleen, Stomach, Large Intestine, Gall Bladder
*XIANG FU Neutral - Slightly Bitter - Pungent – Slightly Sweet / Liver, San Jiao
WU YAO Warm-Pungent / Spleen, Lung, Kidney, Bladder
XIE BAI Warm - Bitter- Pungent / Stomach, Lung, Large Intestine
SHI DI Neutral - Bitter / Stomach
*SUAN ZAO REN Neutral – Sweet – Sour / Heart, Liver
*YUAN ZHI Slightly Warm - Bitter- Pungent / Heart, Lung, Kidney
BAI ZI REN Neutral - Sweet Heart, Kidney, / Spleen, Large Intestine, Liver
XIAO MAI Slightly Cold - Sweet / Heart
MU LI Slightly Cold - Salty Astringent / Kidney, Liver, Gall Bladder
CI SHI Cold - Pungent – Salty / Heart, Kidney, Liver
*WU WEI ZHI Warm - Sour / Lung, Kidney, Heart
*SHAN ZHU YU Slightly Warm – Sour/ Kidney, Liver
WU MEI Warm – Sour/ Lung, Large Intestine, Liver, Spleen
YING SU QIAO Neutral - Sour – Astringent – Slightly Toxic / Lung, Large Intestine, Kidney
*CHUAN XIONG Warm-Pungent - Aromatic / Liver, Gall Bladder, Pericardium
*DAN SHEN Slightly Cold - Bitter / Liver, Heart, Pericardium
YI MU CAO Slightly Cold - Bitter - Pungent / Liver, Heart, Gallbladder
YAN HU SUO Warm - Bitter- Pungent / Liver, Heart, Spleen
*TAO REN Neutral - Bitter - Sweet / Liver, Heart, Lung, Large Intestine
*HONG HUA Warm-Pungent / Liver, Heart
*NIU XI Neutral – Bitter - Sour / Liver, Kidney
SAN LENG Warm – Bitter / Liver, Spleen
E ZHU Warm - Bitter- Pungent / Liver, Spleen
*BAN XIA Warm-Pungent – Slightly Toxic / Lung, Spleen, Stomach
TIAN NAN XING Warm - Bitter- Pungent – Toxic / Liver, Lung, Spleen
XUAN FU HUA Warm – Bitter – Pungent / Liver, Lung, Spleen, Stomach
*GUA LOU Cold - Sweet / Lung, Large Intestine, Stomach
*CHUANG BEI MU Slightly Cold – Bitter - Sweet – Toxic / Lung, Heart
*JIE GENG Neutral - Bitter - Pungent / Lung
ZHU RU Cold – Sweet / Lung, Stomach, Gallbladder
*XING REN Warm - Bitter - Slightly Toxic / Lung, Large Intestine
*SANG BAI PI Cold - Sweet / Lung
ZI SU ZI Warm-Pungent / Lung, Large Intestine
TING LI ZI Very Cold - Bitter - Pungent / Lung, Bladder
*TIAN MA Neutral – Sweet / Liver
*GOU TENG Slightly Cold - Sweet / Liver, Pericardium
JI LI Neutral - Bitter - Pungent / Liver
JUE MING ZI Slightly Cold – Bitter – Sweet / Liver
SHI JUE MING Cold – Salty / Kidney, Liver
DAI ZHE SHI Cold – Bitter/ Liver, Heart
*SHI CHUANG PU Warm-Pungent / Heart, Stomach
SU HE XIANG Warm-Pungent / Heart, Spleen
BING PIAN Slightly Cold - Bitter - Pungent / Heart, Lung, Spleen
NIU HUANG Cold - Bitter / Heart, Liver
*DI YU Slightly Cold- Bitter - Sour / Liver, Stomach, Large Intestine
HUAI HUA Cold - Bitter / Liver, Large Intestine
XIAO JI Cool - Sweet / Liver, Heart
*SAN QI Warm – Slightly Bitter – Sweet / Liver, Stomach, Large Intestine
*QIAN CAO GEN Cold – Bitter / Liver, Heart
BAI JI Cool - Bitter - Sweet - Astringent / Liver, Stomach, Lung
AI YE Warm-Bitter-Pungent / Liver, Spleen, Kidney
SHI JUN ZI Warm - Sweet / Stomach, Spleen
KUAN DONG HUA Warm-Pungent / Stomach, Spleen, Liver
NAN GUA ZI Neutral - Sweet / Stomach, Large Intestine
Created by: Gulshan