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Nursing History Ppl

Nursing History People

Edward Jenner smallpox vaccine
Louis Pasteur § Making things at a certain temperature to prevent disease Used for milk, pasteurization
Joseph Lister § Aseptic technique □ Hand washing, cleansers when taking care of sick people What nurses use when washing
Robert Koch Father of microbiology
Edwin Klebs § Took Koch's germ theory and grew it § Decided germs cause disease Germ theory
St. Vincent de Paul § Founded one of the first religious orders § Important for people to stay home when they are sick
John Snow § Populations and communities, how disease affects these groups of people § Studies of epidemics Started with cholera
Isabel Hampton Robb Founded American Nurses Association
Margaret Sanger § Worked with poor families in NYC § Taught women about contraceptives Founder on planned parenthood
Lillian Wald § In NYC, Henry Street Development § Worked on teaching people sanitation
Mary Brewster § Worked with Lillian Wald Mothers of public health nursing
Dorothea Dix § Worked with mentally ill § Reformed how we treat them § Mother of mental health nursing
Clara Barton § Founded American Red Cross § Visit home in Washington DC
Mary Breckenridge § Founded midwifery school in Kentucky 'Frontier Midwifery School'
Elizabeth Tyler § Hired by Wald to work with HSD to work with African Americans
Created by: libbygrace7