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ISS 315 Sub-Saharan Africa

What is the population in Sub-Saharan Africa? Nearly 865 million people
How many states are there in Africa? 49 states, with South Sudan being the newest.
What are the most populous states? Nigeria and Ethiopia
When was the post colonial period? 1950s to 1970s
What type of population live in Sub-Saharan Africa? poor, rural, young
What kind of continent is it? Plateau Continent
What is a rift valley? Rift Valleys are a surface landscape where two tectonic plates are diverging or moving apart. Rift valleys are depressions or a large valley. Most of the major lakes are on rift valleys. (except Lake Victoria. Lake Victoria is not on a rift valley)
What is the lowveld? Lowveld is a coastal plane around Africa. (Name given by Dutch.)
What is the tallest mountain in Sub-Saharan Africa and where is it located? Mt. Kilimanjario in Tanzania (Mt. Kenya is the second highest)
What is the highveld? higher elevation
Name the Major Rivers. Nile, Congo, Niger, Zambezi. (also, rivers are atypical due to plateau character)
What is the average elevation? 1000 feet
What climates are found in Africa? Tropical climate & forest, Savanna, Desert
Why is the Kalahari not considered to be desert? The Kalahari is not dry enough to be a desert. To be a desert, the place must receive more than 10 inches of rainfall a year.
How is the soil in Africa? It's very infertile, except around the rift valleys.
What is desertification? An expansion of desert due to human-induced degradation.
What is the Sahel? The zone of transition between Sahara to the north and wetter savannas to the south.
What is transhumance? The movement of animals between wet and dry season pasture.
What are the causes of desertification? peanut farming, overgrazing from cows and goats
What is the cause of deforestation in the Savanna climate? Principle biofuels like wood and charcoal are used for cooking.
What are the solutions to deforestation in the Savanna climate? NGOs and Wangari Maathai
What are NGOs? Non-government organizations
Who is Wangari Maathai? Kenayan woman who started the Green Belt Movement
What country (in the Tropical Rain Forest Climate) has the worst deforestation? Madagascar
What part of Africa has limited wildlife due to population? West Africa (the bulge)
What two countries have a lot of animals, tourism, and hunting? Kenya and Bostwana
What part/countries in Africa has threaten wildlife? East Africa, specifically Kenya and Tanzania
What part/country has the most secure wildlife area? Southern Africa, specifically Bostwana
What is the international trade policy for ivory? banned in 1989, modified in 1990 to allow for limited sales (Kenya and Tanzania were selling it in the black market)
What areas are most vulnerable to Global Warming? the Sahel, southern savanna (Zambia and Zimbabwe), the Horn of Africa
How will global warming affect those areas? Food security.
Who are competing in Sudan and Darfur as a result of global warming? farmers and pastoralists
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