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Renatas Poetry

Terms and Definitions

Literal Language When you say or write something and it means exactly what it says. The frog sat on the log.
Images/Imagery Describing something with great detail so the reader can "see" an image in their minds. Use of senses to evoke images. The red rose was perfect in its form; the soft, velvety petals curled around the core, and its gentle scent of beauty was appreciated by all who passed.
Denotation The literal or dictionary meaning of a word. Home- The residence in which a person lives.
Connotation The feelings or emotions evoked by a word.The emotional meaning of a word. Home- Family, safe, love, happy, rest.
Stanza A collections of lines and ideas similar to a paragraph in prose writing.
Speaker The voice or point of view of a poem. In the poem "Mother to Son" the voice of the is a mother though the poet is a man.
Metaphor A comparison of two unlike things. Shawnigan is my home.
Extended Metaphor A comparison of two unlike things in an stanza or a whole poem. "Mother to Son" poem.
Simile Comparison of two unlike things using the words "like" or "as". Mr Lam is like a calculator.
Personification Giving humans characteristics, behaviors or feeling to a non living thing. Stupid vacuum!
Hyperbole Exaggerated statements not meant to be taken literally and used to creat an effect. The bag wight a tone (It didnt really but it was heavy)
Symbol A thing used to represent an abstract idea, thought or emotion. A heart represents love.
Irony A situation or effect of an action thet shows the opposite of what it intended, meant or needed. water water everywhere, and all the boards did shrink, water water everywhere nor any drop to drink.
Figurative Language Describing something by comparing it to something else. Busy as a bee.
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