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Lecture 4


these organisms form the base of major food webs in coastal and open ocean environments phytoplankton
phytoplankton are called "____ plants" drifting
phytoplankton are made up of what? single cells or chains of cells; may have flagellae
what taxa of phytoplankton is prokaryotic? cyanobacteria
diatoms and dinoflagellates are... photosynthetic
light energy is absorbed by what pigments? photosynthetic
all phytoplankton contain what sort of chlorophyll? chlorophyll a
two photosynthetic pigments to remember are... chlorophyll a (chl a) and phycoerythrin (PE)
chl a fluoresces what color under blue light? red
phycoerythrin (PE) fluoresces what color under green light? orange
whats the smallest of the plankton, but numerous (100,000 cells per milliliter or more)? picoplanktonic cyanobacteria
two species of picoplanktonic cyanobacteria that are most common in the open ocean are... prochlorococcus and synechococcus
prochlorococcus contains what type of chlorophyll? chl a
synechococcus contains what type of chlorophyll? chl a and phycoerythrin
what type of cyanobacteria is macroscopic (easily visible), looks like sawdust on the water, fix atmospheric nitrogen, are colonial (buoyant), and are common in tropical oceans? trichodesmium
what type of cyanobacteria is productive in coastal oceans, have silica cell walls, and grow best in well-mixed water columns? diatoms
what tripe of cyanobacteria are motile, can migrate vertically, and grow best in stratified water columns? dinoflagellates
some special dinoflagellates are... bioluminescent
what causes (3) dinoflagellates to bioluminesce? 1. mechanical stimulation 2. chemical stimulation 3. temperature stimulation
bioluminescence: a chemical reaction by which light is produced involves a substrate called ____ and an enzyme called ____ which are sequestered in pockets of the vacuolar membrane luciferin and luciferase
the skeletal plates of coccolithophores are made up of? CaCO_3
what are jelly-like colonies that clog nets and cause big problems on beaches in Europe and create food-web alterations? phaeocystis
cryptophytes contain... phycoerythrin
green algae thats most common in freshwater, estuarine systems or as coastal macrophytes are called... chlorophytes
oceanic forms of chlorophytes may contribute to the ____ population. picoeukaryote
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