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pharm II exam 2

Estrogen pg 522-523 used for hormone replacement; contraindications: estrogen dependent cancers
Triphasic contraceptives pg 526 most naturally mimics a woman’s own menstrual cycle
Drug interactions with oral contraceptives pg 526 antibiotics, rifampin, INH: deactivates contraceptive action of birth control, patient need to take other measures of birth control. Coumadin: potentiates anticoagulation effects (makes it thinner)
Risk factors for osteoporosis pg 527 being female, age, cancer, low calcium diet, not enough dietary intake, history of eating disorder (anorexia or bulimia), hypothyroidism
Testosterone routes of administration pg 541 topical or IM; not given orally b/c has a high 1st pass effect; best administration for IM is Z Track method
Indications for Androgen therapy in females pg 545 endometriosis, fibrocystic disease, inoperable breast cancer
Sildenafil and nitrates pg 543 sildenafil = Viagra; when sildenafil and nitrate taken together BP drops (hypotensive) - possible death occurs
Uses of NSAIDs pg 679 anti-inflammatory, antipyretic, pain relief
Use of allopurinol and therapeutic effects pg 690 used for gout; know it is working because decrease in uric acid and s/s associated with gout
Colchicine uses and effects pg 690 use for gout; know it is working because decrease in uric acid and s/s associated with gout
Aspirin and children pg 684 don’t give b/c of Reyes syndrome
Aspirin and cardiovascular disease pg 683 anti-platelet, promotes platelet flow and prevents platelet aggregation
Contraindications for use of NSAIDS pg 681 PUD- should not take NSAIDS b/c it can increase chances of bleeding; Renal disease; Vitamin K deficiency (not one of answer choices).
Contraindications for use of glucosamine-chondroitin supplements pg 687 Type 2 DM b/c increases blood sugars
Azathioprine therapy and expected adverse effects pg 696 leukopenia and thrombocytopenia; can have hepatotoxicity (be hepatotoxic); used in Rheumatoid Arthritis, and kidney transplant patients
Allopurinol and cyclosporine pg 697 allopurinol inhibits the metabolism of cyclosporine; given together because allopurinol stops cyclosporine from breaking down but must monitor blood levels b/c of increased chances of toxicity
Monoclonial antibodies and methylprednisolone sodium succinate pg 699 methylprednisolone(steroid, anti-inflammatory, cause immunosuppressant) given prior to monoclonial antibodies to prevent anaphylaxis
Muromonab CD3 indications for use and advantage pg 696 only drug approved for the use of the treatment when a patient has already gone into acute rejection—all others are aimed at prophylaxis; used to try and reverse rejection
Types of immunity pg 705 active vs. passive; active= shots, vaccines; passive= received from mother (breast milk, placenta, etc.)
Vaccines and uses (specifically Haemophilus influenzae type b) pg 713 get flu shot each year b/c not life-long immunity and strands of flu keeps changing; limited amount of immunity
Indications of use for antivenin pg 708 used to counteract venom of venomous animal
Routes of exposure for bioterrorism agents pg 716 airborne/inhalation, contact, ingestion
Pneumovax vaccine routes of administration pg 711 given SubQ
Differences in sarcoma, and carcinoma pg 723 sarcoma= connective tissues (bones, cartilage, lymph cancer, etc.) carcimona= lungs and GI
Chemotherapy induced nausea and vomiting: treatment and prevention of. Pg 742 prevention/prophylaxis is best treatment… give antiemetic prior to (during, and after if necessary); big thing to remember is to be given 30-60 minutes prior to treatment
Extravasation pg 750 infiltration that causes necrosis; medications that cause extravasation are called vesicants
Spill of chemotherapy pg 754 need spill kit; special kit used just for cleaning up chemotherapy spills
Dose limiting factor of interferon therapy pg 768 fatigue
Monoclonal antibodies, indications and action pg 769 target specific cancer cells leaving normal healthy cells alone
Capillary leak syndrome pg 773 capillaries have an increase in permeability thus allowing leakage of fluids and proteins causing severe 3rd spacing (like 20-30 pounds of excess fluid) - can cause edema everywhere i.e in the lungs; and ascites
Epoetin alfa (alpha) pg 766 synthetic erythropoietin- stimulates production of RBCs
Oprelvekin pg 765 stimulates bone marrow cells to produce platelets
Administration of IM iron injections pg 861 should be done via Z track
Folic acid and the prevention of neural tube defects pg 859 neural tube defects= spinabifida; ideally female should be taking folic acid any time when trying to become pregnant to prevent defects; recommended for prevention of neural tube defects
Drug classes used to treat intraocular pressure pg 887 osmotic diuretics (mannitol and glycerine), carbonic anihydrase inhibitors
Indications for use of direct and indirect acting miotics pg 882 used in both open and closed angle glaucoma
Antidote for anticholinesterase eye medications pg 883 atropine (cholinergic medication)
Contraindications for use of ophthalmic corticosteroids pg 890 infection (b/c of immunosuppressed state)
Proper application of eye drops pg 896 drop in conjunctival sac and apply pressure on inner canthus
Ophthalmic solutions used for local anesthesia for ocular surgery pg 894 not Rx’d for home use- used to numb eye for examinations and surgery; think of the “–caine” medications (novacaine, tetracaine, etc.)
Contraindications for use of ear drops pg 902 perforated ear drum/tympanic membrane
Uses of both antibiotic and corticosteroid ear drops pg 901 antibiotics given for ear canal and outer ear infection; steroid (anti-inflammatory) drops given to decrease inflammation allowing the ear drops to get in better. So, reduces inflammation and resolve infections.
Indications for use of carbamide peroxide ear drops pg 901 earwax emulsifier; dissolve and aid in removal of ear wax
Use of parmoxine in otic preparations pg 901 local anesthetic; relieves pain
Symptoms of otitis media pg 900 ear pain, fever, occasional disturbance in balance and nausea
Directions for administration of ear drops pg 903 room temperature; adults- ear goes up and back; children- ear goes down and back; lay on unaffected side for 5 minutes to allow medication to work in affected side; can put loose cotton in ear--- ***do not pack it in ear***
Created by: lalad13
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