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Dates and Events

Dates & Events Test I

13.7 billion years ago Origin of the Universe (Big Bang Theory)
4.6 billion years ago Origin of the Earth (Solar Nebula Theory) based on the age of asteroids
4.4 billion years ago first surface water on Earth
4.2 billion years ago oldest known rocks (pieces of Zircon; inclusions inside other rocks) had to be water to move rocks
4.0 billion years ago oldest known rock group: Acasta Gneiss in Canada
3.8 billion years ago oldest known documented life: Archeabacter
2.1 billion years ago Last significant Banded Iron Formations (BIFs) significance: no free oxygen in the Earth's atmosphere
1.9 billion years ago First evidence of a multi-celled organism on Earth: red algae
1.8 billion years ago First formation of coninental red beds on Earth. Significance: free oxygen in the atmosphere
1.1 billion years ago First supercontinent forms on Earth: Rodinia
750 million years ago Snowball Earth Theory: Earth is encased in a ball of ice. Spike in ancient marine phosphorus concentration (from 750-635 MYA) linked to emergence of complex life.
650 million years ago Second supercontinent forms: Pannotia
620 million years ago Significant emergence of marine multi-celled organisms appear on Earth: Ediacaran Fauna
560 million years ago Oldest skeletonized organizm: Coronacollin acula
545 million years ago Most major phylum (body plans) are present on Earth
444 million years ago First major mass extinction even on the face of the Earth. End of Ordovician Event
359 million years ago Second major mass extinction even on the face of the Earth. End Devonian Event
251 million years ago 3rd major mass extinction event on the face of the Earth (greatest known mass extinction event in the history of the Earth) End Permien Event. Third supercontinent forms: Pangea
200 million years ago Fourth major mass extinction event on the face of the Earth: End Triassic Event.
65.5 million years ago End of Cretaceous Event. Complete demise of the dinosaur.
Created by: HORSKR10