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Chapter 7 questions


Explain the difference in meaning of heterotroph and saprobe all fungi are heterotrophs--use living or dead organic material nutritionally. Saprobes--fungi that require their nutrients com specifically from dead organic material
List an important nonmedical role of fungi break down organic material into forms that are reusable by other living things
Buds round cells that grow on the side of the mother cell until they are ready to divide as new cells
Hyphae long chains of connected cells
Mycelia fuzzy masses of hyphae (mold)
Yeast have single, round cells
Molds grow in long chains
Mushrooms often seen on dead or decaying organic material--have a slender stem and a rounded head with spores on top of it
How do septate and adeptate hyphae differ? septate--have cross-walls separating individual cells---aseptate--lack cross-walls
What is the main function of fungal spores? allow widespread dessemination of the organisms
What is the composition of fungal cell walls? composed of the polysaccharide chitin
what is the major lipid of fungi that is usually not present in prokaryotic or human cells? ergosterol
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