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LL Chap 9 - 12

Lingua Latina vocab flashcards

umbra, ae shade, shadow
cibus,i food
modus, i manner, way
rivus, i brook
cestigium, i footprint, trace
dens, dentis tooth
nubes, nubis cloud
ovis, ovis sheet
timor, timoris fear
vallis, vallis valley
balat, ant bleat
latrat, ant bark
ululat, ant howl
lacet, ent lie
lucet, ent shine
accurrit, unt come running
bibit, unt drink
imponit, unt place (in/on) put
petit, unt make for, aim at, attack, seek, ask for, request
quaerit, unt look for, seek, ask (for)
relinquit, unt leave
reperit, iunt find
est (w/ macron), edunt eat
niger, gra, grum black
albus, a, um white
undecentum 99
ipse, ipsa, ipsum himself, herself, yourself, etc.
supra above
sub under
dum while, as long as, till
ut, like, as
ala, ae wind
cauda, ae tail
fera, ae wild animal
pila, ae ball
asinus, i ass, donkey
folium, i leaf
lectus, i bed, couch
nidus, i nest
nuntius, i message, messanger
ovum,i egg
petasus, i hat with a brim
pullus, i young (of an animal)
ramus, i branch, bough
aer, aeris air
animal, animalis animal, living being
avis, avis bird
mare, maris sea
mercator, mercatoris merchant
pes, pedis foot
piscis, piscis fish
pulmo, pulmonis lung
vox, vocis voice
natat, natare swim
occulat, occultare hide
spirat, spirare breathe
volat, volare fly
audet, audere dare, venture
movet, movere move, stir
sustinet, sustinere support, sustain
ascendit, ascendere climb, go up, mount
cadit, cadere fall
canit, canere sing
ludit, ludere play
vivit, vivere live, be alive
capit, capere take, match, caputre
parit, parere give birth to, lay
necesse est it is necessary
potest, possunt be able
vult, volunt want, be willing
crassus, a, um thick, fat
ferus, a, um wild
mortuus, a um dead
perterritus, a, um terrified
vivus, a, um living alive
tenuis, e thin
ergo therefore, so
enim for
gena, ae cheek
lingua, linguae tongue, language
vena, ae vein
bacchium, i arm
capillas, i hair
cerebrum, i brain
culter, cultri knife
labrum, i lip
medicus, i doctor
membrum, i limb
poculum, i cup
auris, auris ear, F
caput, capitis head, N
color, coloris color, M
cor, cordis heart, N
corpus, corporis body, N
crus, cruris leg, N
frons, frontis forhead,F
iecur, iecoris liver, N
os, oris mouth, N
pectus, pectoris chest, N
sanguis, sanguinis blood, M
venter, ventris stomach, M
viscera, viscerum internal organs, N PL
aegrotat, aegrotare be ill
palpit, palpitare beat, throb
putat putare think, suppose
sanat, sanare hear, cure
spectat, spectare watch, look at
stat, stare stand
deterget, detergere wipe off
dolet, dolere hurt, feel pain, grieve
gaudet, gaudere be glad, be pleased
horret, horrere bristle, shudder (at)
iubet, iubere order, tell
sedet, sedere sit
apponit, apponere place (on), serve
arcessit, arcessere send for, fetch
dicit, dicere flow
fluit, fluere flow
tangit, tangere touch
revenit, revenire come back
sentit, sentire feel, sense, think
potest, posse be able
aeger, gra, grum sick, ill
humanus, a, um human
noster, nostra nostrum out, ours
ruber, rubra, rubrum, red
sanus, a, um healthy, well
stultus, a, um stupid, foolish
bene good
male bad
modo only, just
de (down) from, of, about (prp +abl)
infra below (prp + acc)
super on (top of), above (prp + acc)
atque and, as, than
nec and/but not, nor not
fossa, ae ditch, trench
hasta, ae lance
patria, ae native country, land
sagitta, ae arrow
avunculus, i (maternal) uncle
arma, orum arms
bellum,i war
castra, orum camp
gladius, i sword
pugnus, i fist
scutum, i shield
callum, i rampart
cognomen, inis surname
dux, ducis leader, chief, general
eques, equitis horseman
frater, fratris brother
finis, finis boundary, limit, end
hostis, hostis enemy
laus, lateris side, flank
miles, militis soldier
nomen, nominis name
pars, partis part, direction
pedes, peditis footsoldier
praenomen, praenominis first name
soror, sororis sister
arcus, arcus bow
equitatus, equitatus cavalry
exercitus, exercitus army
impetus, impetus attack, charge
metus, metus fear
parrus, passus pace
versus, versus line, verse
pugnat, pugnare fight
militat, militare serve as a soldier
expugnat, expugnare conquer
oppugnat, oppugnare attack
incolit, incolere inhabit
dividit, dividere divide
metuit, metuere fear
defendit, defendere defend
iacit, iacere throw, hurl
fugit, fugere run away, flee
fert, ferre carry, bring, bear
altus, a, um high, tall, deep
armatus, a, um armed
barbarus, a, um foreign, barbarian
latus, a, um wide
vester, tra, trum your, yours
brevis, e short
fortis, e strong, brave
gravis, e severe, serious, grave
levis, e light, slight
tristis, e sad
contra against (prp + acc)
ac and, as, than
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