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Chapter 6 vocabulary


Bulk transport eukaryotes have an additional type of transport
Cell receptor (blank)
Endocytosis when a cell engulfs a large molecule
Endoplasmic reticulum cytoplasmic compartment of eukaryotic cells that is used for the translation of proteins
Exocytosis when a cell wants to secrete whole antibody molecules
Golgi apparatus cytoplasmic compartment of eukaryotic cells used for pachaging materials to be secreted
Ligand general term for any type of molecule that a receptor binds to
Lysosomes digestive organelles filled with toxic chemicals and degradative enzymes
Mitochondria cytoplasmic compartment of eukaryotic cells used for energy production
Nuclei cytoplasmic campartments of eukaryotic cells that are the defining characteristic of a eukaryote
Phagocytes one group of wbc's that travel to all parts of the body to clean up any problems--move by amoeboid motion--crawl along to find unwanted material
Phagocytosis one form of endocytosis--cel eating--also useful for ridding the cell of debris
Pseudopodia part of the cell that extends around the victim of phagocytosis and completely engulf it
Vacuoles cytoplasmic compartment of eukaryotic cells used for food or other strorage
Vesicle small, membrane bound sac formed by the cell receptor binds to a ligand--cell membrane then invaginates into cell and pinches off to form vesicle on inside with ligands inside vesicle
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