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LSD Hallucinogen Lysergic Diethylamide Extremely potent-25-500mcg dose Initial effects-giddy start in 30min-2hr Psychogenic, 1-3hrs
Psilocin Hallucinogen Like LSD but in mushrooms.
Bufotenin Hallucinogen Toad Licking
Mescaline Hallucinogen Found in cactus
MDMA Hallucinogen And stimulant
Ibogaine Hallucinogen Powerful-found in tabernathe african shrub May suppress heroin craving
Phencyclidine PCP hyperfelxia and vertical nystagmus when overdosed
Riluzole ALS Lou gherigs disease. orphan drug
N2O gas GA MAC 105, cant put to sleep, sedation at 30%. Can change BP, dental anesthetic
Enflurane GA contraindicated for epileptics May cause seizures
Isoflurane GA Lowers bp Vasodialation
Desflurane GA Irritating Gas, cough Must use IV GA
Sevoflurane GA 99% eliminated through the lungs
MAC Concentration of inhaled gas needed to work in 50% of patients
Propofol IV GA Rapid acting, <1min Maybe Killed MJ Most common agent in US
Etomidate IV GA
Ketamine IV GA Profound analgesia, used in battlefield Emergence delirium increase BP decrease ventilation, bronchodialator
GA Adjuncts Midazolam, pre op sedation and amnesia Opioids Fentanyl- complete incapacitation Dexmedeomidine- a2 agonist, sedates
Dantrolene Treats Malignant Hyperthermia Muscles contract since rayonidine channels wont close. produces heat (108) and kills people. inhibits ryanodine receptors
Rocuronium NMJ Blocker Rapid acting, 1-2min relaxe laranx and jaw for intubation
Atracurium NMJ Blocker not metabolized by enzymes, good for ppl with liver/renal failure
Succinylcholine NMJ Blocker opens NA channels and keeps them open causes fasiculations used for intubation
Epinephrine Increases LA effects
Lidocaine Amide LA Most widely used infiltration, nerve bock, epidural
Bupivacaine Amide LA Longer duration of action Used during labor cardiotoxic if iv
Ropivacaine Amide LA least motor effect. Useful in labor
Articane Amide LA rapidly metabolized LA of choice for dentists
Benzocaine Ester LA topical only
Cocaine Hydrochloride Ester LA vasoconstrictive effects.
Reloxifene SERM Estrogen agonist in bone to treat osteoporosis can cause thromboembolism and vasomotor symptoms
Clomiphene Citrate Estrogen antagonist Induces ovulation in infertile women. Promotes FSH and LH
Leuprolide GnRH Agonist treats androgen dependent prostate cancer, endometriosis, precocious puberty
Gonadotropins, menotropins Increase fertility Spermatogenesis and ovulation
Oxytocin Stimulates uterine contraction, milk release bonds to its receptor and causes calcium release in myometrial smooth muscle Estrogen increases oxytocin receptors
Dinoprostone Prostaglandin for inducing pregnancy ripens uterus
Carboprost Treats postpartum bleeding and can induce abortion in 2nd trimester
Misoprostol Can terminate pregnancy with antiprogestin
Ergot Alkyloids Cause strong uterine contractions Not used to induce labor, could kill the child Treats hemoraging
Terbutaline sulfate B2 agonist stops uterine contractions increases cAMP not for diabetics receptors rapidly desensitize
Indomethicin Stops prostaglandin synthesis
Mechlorethamine Anti-cancer alkylizes N7 position on guanine, damages DNA in proliferative cells. Made from mustard gas, earliest agent
Cyclophosphamide Alkylizing agent Longer half life than mustard drug immunosupressive treats wider range of cancers
Carmustine Alkylating agent Nitrosourea Can treat brain tumors lipid soluble
Cisplatine Alkylating Agent Platinum compound
Methotrexate Antimetabolite S phase Inhibits dihydrofolate reductase Blocks ability to make deoxyuridylate and thymidylate Leucovorin bipasses need for this and protects normal cells. Also for psoriasis and RA
Mercaptopurine Antimetabolite inhibits purine sythesis S phase metabolized by xanthium oxidase which is inhibited by allopurinol
Dox/Daunorubicin Natural Anticancer come from streptomyces bind to DNA via intercalation Uncoil DNA Can cause CARDIOMYOPATHYYYYYYYy
Vinblastine/Vincristine Natural Anticancer M phase specific disrupt mitotic spindle
Etoposide Natural Anticancer Breaks DNA, G2 phase Semisynthetic podophyllotoxin FOR THE NUT
Dexamethasone/Prednisone Anticancer steroids suppresses mitosis Cushing's syndrome
Tamoxifen Hormonal anticancer Antiestrogen for ER positive breast cancer male breast cancer Causes menopasal symptoms
Imatinib Mesylte Inhibits tyrosine kinase in BCR-Abl positive leukemia cells
Trastuzumab anitbody for da boobeez. EGF
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