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Common Words 51-100

Most common words 50-100

знать To know, be aware
мой My, mine
до To, up to, about, before
или Or
если If
время Time, season
рука Hand, arm
нет No, not, but
самый Most, the very, the same
ни Not a, not, neither
стать To become, begin, come
большой Big, large, important
даже Even
другой Other, another, different
наш Our, ours
свой My, our, your
ну Now, right, well, come on
под Under, for, towards, to
где where
дело business, affair, matter
есть to eat, to be
сам myself, yourself
раз time, once, since
чтобы that, in order that
два two
там there, then
чем than; instead of
глаз eye, sight
жизнь life
первый first, front, former
день day
тут here, now, then
во in, at; super, exactly
ничто nothing
потом afterwards, then
очень very
со with
хотеть to want, like
ли whether, if
при attached to, in the presence of, by, about
голова head, mind, brains
надо over, above, ought to
без without
видеть to see
идти to go, come
теперь now, nowadays
тоже also, as well, too
стоять to stand, be, stand up
друг friend
дом house, home
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