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what period is between birth and return of organs to nonpreg state? 6 weeks can vary based on mothers energy level, comfort level, health care providers, puerperium or 4th trimester, healthy preg experience low risk. postpartum period
what is the return of the uterus to the nonpreg state following birth? occurs immediatly after delivery of placenta with contractions of smooth muscle, size of grapefuit involution
12 hours postpartum, were should the uterus be? 1cm above the umbilicus
6 days postaprtum were should the uterus be? midway between umbilicus and symphysis pubis
2 weeks postpartum, were should the uterus be located? within the true pelvis
how much does the uterus decend every 24 hours postpartum? 1-2 cm
decrease in estrogen and progesterone causes destruction of hypertrophied cells what causes the uterus to shrink?
hemostasis is acheived by compression of the intramyometrial blood vessels by the uterine muscles, release of oxytocin, pitocin meds, breast feeding stimulate? contractions
because of overdistension multiparas have inc contractions causing more discomfort, primaparas have satisfactory uterine tone, do not experience moderate to severe cramp-like pains of uterus working harder to remain contracted? afterpains
vascular constriction and thromboses occurs at site, endometrium regenerated at end of 3rd week, placental site regenerated at 6 weeks. This happens where? placental site
what is post birth uturine discharge, contains sloughed off necrotic tissues undergoes changes with the healing process of uterin placental site? lochia
what lochia is present from day 1-3 bright red, small clots, inc flow standing or breast feeding, fleshy odor, abnormal: larg clots, heavy amount sat pad in 15, foul odor, placental fragments lochia rubra
what kind of lochia from postpartum day 4-10 is pink or brown color, scant amount, inc flow w/ physical activity, fleshy odor abnormal: rubra after day 4, heavy amount sat pad in 15, foul odor lochia serosa
what kind of lochia day 10 and after postpartum is yellow to white in color, scant amount, fleshy odor abnormal: bright red bleeding, foul odor? lochia alba
what immediatly after birth is soft, in 2-3 days is firm, shortened and retains form, has small lacerations, susceptible to infection, cervix
estrogen deprovation causes thining of mucosa and absence of rugae, decreased vag lubrication, 6-10 wks this returns to prepreg state? vagina
what in the perineum of a postpartum woman may be red and edematous, episiotomy or laceration should appear approximated vaginal introitus
what part of the perineum of a postpartum woman may have hemorrhoids during pregnancy, when pushing, dec in 6 weeks, treated with topical ointments? anus
what part of the perineum postpartum is that supportive structures may be injured during childbirth and cause relaxation and dec muscle tone can affect uterus, vagina, bladder, urethra, rectum, 6 months to regrow, kegals excercises pelvic muscle support
what is caused by lacerations, edema, episiotomy, hemorrhoids, treatments are ice initially, sitz bath, pain meds/stool softners, rubber ring? peri pain after delivery
because of a 30-50% inc in blood volume at term, mothers ability to tolerate substantial blood loss 500cc vag, 1000 ccs c/s. This is called what? hypervolemia
after birth, because of a dec in pressure from uterus on vessels, extracellular fluid moves back into vascualr sx causing an inc in stroke volume, tachycardia immediatly after delivery, bradycardia 24hrs. this is what inc in cardiac output
what is the cause of diureses and diaphoresis in postpartum period? excessive plasma volume
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