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Roots up list

week 22

infans/infantis (LAtin) inability to speak
infant speechless
infantile behaving infant-like
infantry foot soldiers in an army
pais/paidos (Greek) child
pediatrician a Dr for children
latros (Greek) physicain
encyclopedia series of books with knowledge on all subjects
kyklos round
pedagogy art or skill of teaching children
schole (Greek) leisure: free time
school a place of education: a group of fish swimming together
scholastic of or pertaining to schools
scholar a student who is learned in classical languages and literature
scholarship the attainments of a scholar in learning: a grant in aid to a student
Ludo/lusus (Latin) play or mock
allude make indirect reference to
illusion the creation of a false impression of reality
ludicrous laughable:ridiculous
prelude music played before the main performance
latros (Greek) doctor: physician
psychiatrist doctor for the mind and soul
podiatrist foot doctor
pediatrician a children's physicain
geriatrics field of medicine dealing with older people
psychos soul
podes foot
paidos child
geron old age
medicus (Latin) physician
sanus (Latin) healthy, not diseased or injured
sane of sound or healthy mind
insane mentally ill or abnormal, not of healthy mind
in not
sanitary clean and healthy
sanitation state of clean, healthy conditions
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