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Microbiology chpt.13

Microbiology Quiz Review

What are the proper diagnosis of an infectious disease requirements? 1Taking a complete patient history 2Conducting a thorough physical examination of the patient 3Carefully evaluating the patient's signs and symptoms 4Implementing the proper selection, collection,transport,and processing of appropriate clinical specime
clinical specimens specimens collected from patients such as blood, urine, feces, and cerebrospinal fluid (CSF),
What are the 3 components of specimen quality? 1.Proper specimen selection. 2.Proper specimen collection. 3.Proper transport of the specimen to the laboratory.
What are the proper procedures for specimen collection and transportation? -recover causative agent -prevent contamination of specimen -prevent transfer of infectious agent to collector and transporter -provide optimal specimen for microbiology tests and culture
Specimen collection must be done under sterile conditions
bacteremia The presence of bacteria in the bloodstream
Septicemia is a serious disease involving chills, fever, prostration, and the presence of bacteria or their toxins in the bloodstream
clean-catch, midstream urine collecting the middle portion of the stream flushes away microorganisms inhabiting urethral opening
What 3 parts does urine culture involve? 1.A colony count 2.Isolation and identification of the pathogen 3.Antimicrobial susceptibility testing
colony count is a way of estimating the number of viable bacteria that are present in a urine specimen.
calibrated loop is used to inoculate the entire surface of a blood agar plate
Meningitis is inflammation or infection of the membranes that surround the brain and spinal column
Encephalitis is inflammation or infection of the brain
Meningoencephalitis is inflammation or infection of both the brain and meninges.
How is CSF collected? is collected by lumbar puncture into a sterile needle/tube; this is a surgically aseptic procedure performed by a physician/clinician
Sputum is pus that accumulates deep within the lungs of a patient with pneumonia, tuberculosis, or other lower respiratory infection.
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