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MrsC Med Term Resp T

MrsC Med Term Respiratory Test

a-, an- no, not, without
brady slow
Eu- good, normal
laryng/o larynx
my/o muscle
myc/o fungus
pneum/o air, lung
py/o pus
rhin/o nose
spir/o breathing
Tachy fast
Atelectasis collapsed lung; incomplete expansion
Asthma chronic bronchial inflammatory disorder with airway obstruction due to bronchial edema and constriction, increased mucus production
Emphysema hyperinflation of air sacs with destruction or alveolar
Pneumonia acute inflammation and infection of alveoli, which fill with pus or other fluid
Epiglottis flap of cartilage that covers trachea during swallowing
Auscultation listening to body sounds within the body using a stethoscope
Expectoration coughing sputum outside of chest
Hemoptysis coughing up blood
Cilia hairlike projections
Empyema pocket of pus in the lungs
Rhinoplasty surgical repair of the nose
Hypoxemia deficient (low) oxygen in the blood
Tracheotomy incision into the windpipe
Pleurodynia pain in the pleura
Dyspnea difficult breathing
Laryngoscope instrument to view the voicebox
Orthopnea breathing is easier sitting up straight
Bronchospasm spasm of bronchus
Apnea no breathing
Tracheostomy new opening in the windpipe
Created by: cudawn