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WP 1-3 Study Guide*

Vocabulary Chapters 1-3

Egotist A boastful, selfish person
Bigamy An illegal marriage that is only illegal because the person is still married to someone else.
Anthropologist The study of people,their attributes,and religious views.
Misanthrope Someone who hates mankind.
Ambidextrous The ability to use both hands equally.
Misogamist A person who hates marriage.
Introvert A person who is concerend with thier own feelings,and thought patterns.
Gauche A person who is akward, crude, and without tact.
Altruist Unselfish,giving,and helping others.
Extrovert A person who is concerned with their outwardly appearance as well as social standing.
Monogamy Having only one mate.
Ambivert The mid range between introvert and extrovert.
Misogynist A person who hates, and mistreats women.
Philanthropist A person who loves mankind,and giving charitably.
Gynecologist A doctor who specializes in women's diseases and abnormalities.
Polygyny A person who has more than one wife at the same time.
Ascetic A person who forgoes nice things and normal life needs.
Polyandry Having more than one husband.
Adroit An expert with the hands and body.
Dexterity Mental adroitness,cleverness.
Sinister Evil,foul, disastrous behavior.
Egocentric Having no intrest in anyone elses thoughts, ideas,or beliefs in pursuit of one's own agenda.
Altercation A heated argument, or fight.
Alternate Switching between different options.
Egomaniac A self absorbed person who takes it to extremes.
Created by: Sunni