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Religion Quiz WG

World Geography Religion Quiz

Define Monotheism: Belief in one God
What is the Islamic word for God? Allah
Who founded the Islamic religion? Muhammad
Who is considered the rightful prophet for the Islamic faith? Abraham
What are the 2 main sects of Islam? And what caused the split? a) Sunni an Shiite b) Sunnis believed following Muhammad's example was enough to be elected to Muslim leadership. Shiites believed someone had to have a relative/descendant of Muhammad to be a caliph
Where and what year was Muhammad born? a) Mecca, Saudi Arabia b) 571 CE (common era)
What is the most holy city of the Islamic faith? a) Mecca b) Medina is a holy city as well
What is the most important Islamic holiday and what does it consist of? a) Ramadan b) 28 days of fasting from sun up to sun down is a major part of this holiday
What is the symbol of the Islamic faith? Crescent and Star
What are the important holidays for Christianity? a) Easter-the day of Jesus' resurrection b) Christmas-the day Jesus was born c) Good Friday-the day Jesus was crucified
The Christian faith focus' on the teachings of who? Jesus
What is the "way of the cross" in Jerusalem? a)Via Dolorosa b)The road on which Jesus walked into Jerusalem
What is the place of worship for the Jewish faith? Synagogue
This is the Jewish celebration of the deliverance of the Hebrews from slavery in Egypt: Passover
What is the Jewish Day of Atonement Yom Kippur
What is the Jewish New Year called? Rosh Hashanah
What is the Holy Book? Torah
What is the day of worship? Sabbath
Who led the Jewish people out of Egypt? Moses
What is an important monument in Jerusalem for the Jewish people? The wailing/Western wall
What is the symbol for the Jewish faith? The star of David
Who is considered the rightful son of Abraham? Ishmael
Why is Moses important to the Jewish people? He led the people out of Egypt
Who is the Rabbi? Teacher and spiritual leader of Judaism
EXTRA CREDIT! Out of the three religions, which is the largest, and how many are apart of it? Christianity, and there are over 1.5 billion people
Created by: Sholsinger2



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