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Root Word Column 3

auto self
syn together
-phyte plant
eu true
a not
mut change
en inside
tri three
myo muscle
erythro red
di two
-itis inflammation
macro large
-derm skin
hypo less
co together
-less without
vas vessel
ortho straight
-dox belief
aqua water
-globin protein
chiasm crossing
-phobic fearing
contra against
dactyl finger
ocu eye
-ose sugar
meso middle
circum around
-ase enzyme
ichthy fish
de remove
extra beyond
-gen producing
hap half
myce fungus
-stasis staying
cerebro brain
temp time
aero air
angio vessel
pan all
ventr belly
-oma growth
pneumo lung
inocul implant
viv life
-graph writing
melano dark
Created by: kayla26tran