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Holistic Exam 1

Range of Motion, Wound Care, Contemporary Nursing, Asepsis, Vital Signs, etc.

Whose definition of nursing stated, "having charge of the personal health of somebody...and what nursing has to do...is put the patient in the best condition for nature to act upon him."? Florence Nightingale
What are the criteria for professions? prolonged specialized training for the role,encouragement of service to community or the role, promotion of ongoing research, formal code of ethics, autonomy, and professional organizations.
Name 10 roles that a nurse has. Caregiver, communicator, teacher, client advocate, counselor, change agent, leader, manager, case manager, and research consumer.
Name the four Nursing Scopes of Practice. Health & Wellness Promotion, Preventing Illness, Restoring Health, Caring for the Dying
What is the primary reason for the creation of the Nursing Practice Acts? To protect the public.
In 1985, the ANA recommended what kind of program for nurses as the minimum requirement for entry level practice? Completion of a BSN program.
What is the purpose of the Nursing Standards of Practice? Describes the responsibilities for which nurses are accountable.
Created by: mrscardon