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IB Chinese

For me doing IB Ab Initio Chinese

one Yī
two Èr
three Sān
four Sì
five Wǔ
six Liù
seven Qī
eight Bā
nine Jiǔ
ten Shí
I Wǒ
up Shàng
down Xià
mountain Shān
fire Huǒ
water Shuǐ
he Tā
she Tā
student Xuéshēng 学生
classmate Tóngxué 同学
English Yīngyǔ 英语
English Yīngwén 英文
Chinese Zhōngwén 中文
hello Nǐhǎo 你好
to speak Shuō
to call Jiào
name Míngzì 名字
teacher Lǎoshī 老师
excuse me Qǐngwèn 请问
what Shénme 什么
surname Xìng
expensive Guì
you Nǐ
you Nín
who Sheí
thank you Xièxiè 谢谢
you're welcome Bù kèqì 不客气
goodbye Zàijiàn 再见
to open Dǎkāi 打开
book Shū
understand Dǒngle 懂了
same Tóng
male Nán
female Nǚ
month Yuè
year Nián
day Rì
number Hào
which Nǎ
country Guójiā 国家
country Guó
person Rén
correct Duìle 对了
by the way (new sentence) Duìle 对了
France Fàguó 法国
America Měiguó 美国
China Zhōngguó 中国
can, be able to Huì
and Hé
west Xī 西
north Běi
east Dōng
south Nán
Created by: su7william
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