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Ch. 79 Laxative

Pharmacology for Nurses

Laxatives: ____effects is production of soft, formed stool once a day laxatives
Laxatives: ____ effect is prompt, harsh, immediate evacuation of bowel catharsis
Laxatives: ____ mL of water enters colon per day; ___ is absorbed 1500; 90%
Laxatives: too much water absorption or slow transit can cause ____ stool and constipation hard
Laxatives: ____ can absorb more water causing stool to be softer and it can increase stool mass Fiber
Laxatives: Laxatives are indicated for many patients (episiotomies, hemorrhoids, in ____ patients to reduce straining, in elderly due to _______). heart; muscle loss
Laxatives: avoid ______ in patients with appendicitis, diverticulitis, ulcerative colitis, and abdominal surgery laxative
Laxatives: careful in ____ women and breastfeeding mothers pregnant
Laxatives: do not use with _______ or ____ -> perforation! fecal impaction; obstruction
Laxatives: Laxatives are categorized as: Bulk- _____, surfactant, ____, and osmotic forming; stimulant
Laxatives: Bulk-forming methycellulose (citucel); psyllium (metamucil); polycarbophil (Fibercon)
Laxatives: Bulk-forming- acts similar to dietary ____ be increasing mass of stool and water content of stooll fiber
Laxatives: Bulk-forming- used for ____, diverticulosis, and IBS; also used in ileostomy and colostomy patients to _____ discomfort constipation; reduce
Laxatives: Bulk-forming- adverse effects includes esophageal obstruction and intestinal impaction or obstruction in ___ intake is inadequate fluid
Laxatives: Surfactant docusate sodium (Colace)
Laxatives: Surfactant- acts by lowering surface tension of stool and allowing ____ to enter water
Laxatives: Surfactant- also acts by ___ fluid absorption into intestinal wall and stimulates secretion of water and electrolytes in the intestinal lumen inhibiting
Laxatives: Surfactant- take medicine with full glass of ____ water
Laxatives: Stimulant bisacodyl (Dulcolax) senna (senokot)
Laxatives: Stimulant- acts to stimulate intestinal ____ and increase amount of _____ in the intestinal lumen mobility; water
Laxatives: Stimulant- used to treat ____-induced constipation and slow intestinal transit opioid
Laxatives: Stimulant- Bisacodyl can be administered PO and PR (rectal); do not take with ____ or ____dairy products (allow 1 hour); PR use can cause proctitis milk; dairy
Laxatives: Stimulant- Senna may cause harmless yellowish or brown tint to ____ urine
Laxatives: Osmotic milk of magnesia; polyethylene glycol (MiraLax); sodium phosphate (Fleet Phospho-Soda)
Laxatives: Osmotic- acts by pulling ____ into the intestinal lumen water
Laxatives: Osmotic- Soft or semi-fluid stool occur in _____ hours 6-12
Laxatives: Osmotic- higher doses can ____ bowel of ingested poisons and evacuates dead parasites purge
Laxatives: Osmotic- adverse effects include loss of ____ causing ____, magnesium _____, fluid_____, and acute renal ______ water; dehydration; toxicity; retention; failure
Laxatives: Osmotic- MiraLax may cause nausea, bloating , cramping, and ____ gas (flatulence)
Laxatives Abuse: many believe that a large bowel movement is warranted daily and that it is ____ to get off regular schedule unhealthy
Laxatives Abuse: OTC laxatives are often purchased and taken much more than needed to produce a ________ effect to "stay healthy" bowel cleansing
Laxatives Abuse: ____ imbalances and changes defecatory actions may occur due to chronic laxative use electrolytes
Laxatives Abuse: abrupt withdrawal from ___ must occur with appropriation bowel teaching and dietary habits laxatives
Created by: emv2435
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