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Stack #118582

NCLEX PN drug facts from reviews #4

ARFONAD trimethaplan
Arfonad is TX for HTN emergencies (IV 3-4 mg/min & adj. to get correct BP)
Arfonad - classification gaglionic blocker
Arfonad N consideration: use only freshly prepared (for potency)
nitro patch info: stay away from microwave ovens in use
Amobarbital is an anti convulsant
Amobarbital is used for psychiatrix TX and sedation
What is an important consideration with Amobarbital: safety-side rails, no walking and no smoking (after meds given)
Amobarbital is not a long term sleep med; use alternative methods
hcl Dopram is to produce respiratory stimulation
hcl Dopram affects the /TX for? medulla/COPD
hcl Dopram is a cerebral stimulant
with hcl Dopram N must consider: ABG's before & q 30 min; Monitor oxygen status & changes
W/Lioresal N must watch closely if also taking: barbiturates (a CNS depressent)
DANTRIUN dantrelene
Dantriun is a skeletel M. relaxer that exerts its effects on the skeletal m. itself
BENEMID probenecid
Benemid is a uricosuric (an increased amt.of uric acid is excreted
Benemid teaching: hi veg diet helps keep urine alkaline (Uric acid will not clump in alkaline urine)
TETRACYN tetracycline
tetracycline do not take with foods: milk and milk products
A teratogenic drug reaction is birth defects from Mom taking med
Which muscle relaxent may be given IV ROBAXIN (methocarbamol)
SOMA carisoprodol (SE-loss of vision and temp. paralysis)
valium is used for pt.w/ HTN disorders such as: spastic paralysis, whiplash, multiple sclerosis & cerebral palsy
FLEXERIL cyclobenzaprine
Flexeril may cause dysrhythmia
Flexeril - expect a muscle tone increase and let muscles rest(rest relieves pain, redness, stiffness & tenderness and increases mobility)
Dr gives an IV solution to decrease ICP-what is it: 50% dextroxe, a hypertonic solution, will pull fluid from brain for excretion out of body
Carafate in NG tube-give between feedings (emply stomach);
an inter neuronal drug helps pt by lowering electrical impulses, results in increased muscle tone
inter neuronal drugs include: Dantrium, Roboxin, Flexeril & Valium
What is used for ventriculsr dysrhythmias Lidocaine
antipsycholic meds-take drug holidays to prevent Tardive dyskinesia (a neurological complication reported in 40 -45% of psy.pts.-its permanent!)
KEFLEX cephalexin monohydrate
Keflex is used for kidney infection
Keflex gives false positive glucose readings when using Clinitest to test urine
Magnesium sulfate-call Dr if absent knee jerk (a toxic sign)
antidote for magnexium sulfate toxicity Calcium Gluconate
WARFARIN (coumadin) teach: tarry stools is a sign of bleeding
coumadin therapudic level: PT: 1.2 to 1.5 times control (some disorders may be higher)
Shock-when giving drugs monitor EKG continuously
INTROPIN dopamine
positive response to dopamine inproved VS's
Drug used for asymptomatic ventricular tachycardia Xylocaine (lidocaine)
lithium carbonate overdose SS tremors, diarrhea, weakness & fatigue; If present STOP meds and call DR
naloxone may be used in as a diagnostic tool to see if pt is: physically dependant on narcotic analgesics (will throw into withdrawel bc it is an antagonist.
Alcohol & antianxiety meds have a depressent effect and may cause death from depressent effect
Parnate - category MAO inhibitor
With MAO inhibitors avoid: bananas, cheese, sour cream, yogurt, pickles, pineapple, citrus, canned figs, raisens, soy sauce, beer, wine, coffee, chocolate, chicken and any yease product or bacterial action product
THORAZINE chlorpromazine hydrochloride
SE of Thorazine is hypo tension (lst few weeks)
Carafate take with full glass of water
Created by: jeanl