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ransom 6&7th ch 8/9

Scientists can determine the age of a fossil by looking at its __________ atoms
Scientists think that there was a big landmass called ____________ Pangaea
How can scientists tell how old a fossil is? absolute dating
Who studies the past? paleontologists
When a plant or animal dies out completely and does not reappear, it is... extinct
What are the three reasons scientists believe in Pangaea? continents; fossils; glaciers; describe these three things
The Mesozoic era was the 3rd era
We have the most fossils from what era? Cenozoic
What damages DNA? UV radiation
What were the first cells called? anaerobic
How did hominids start to look like humans and get human features? We evolved over time. From mice first, then lemurs, Lucy, australopithecines, Homo Habilis, Homo erectus, Neanderthals, Cro-Magnons and finally people.
What human like characteristics of humans do Neanderthals carry? wore clothes, made fires to keep warm, buried their dead
Lucy's upright posture evolved before her _________ enlarged brains
Hominids are humans' ancestors
Bipedal means to walk on 2 legs
Cro-Magons were like humans but with bigger heads, heavier, stronger bones, smaller teeth or bigger brain
Why do we classify? We classify to specify exactly what organisms are.
Why do we use taxonomy? to place organisms in their classification
A brown bear is more closely related to a platypus or a lion? lion
The first classification is kingdom or family? kingdom
How many kingdoms of bacteria are there? two
What kingdom has both plant and animal like characteristics? protista
List the kingdoms plantae, protista, fungi, animalia, archaebacteria, eubacteris
The prefix archar comes from the Greek meaning ancient
A giant sequoia can grow how tall? 91.5 meters
Created by: kara713