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ransom 8th - ch 8/9

Who came up with the idea of Pangea? Alfred Wegener
Scientist who look for clues to reconstruct what happened in the past are called Paleontologist
What are the three evidences of Pangea? Shapes of continents; fossils; glaciers...elaborate more on these
Name two methods scientists use to determine the age of fossils and tell what makes them different. Absolute and relative dating. Look up differences
The ______ is a calendar scientists use to outline the history of life on Earth Geoogical Time Scale
The end of each ______ is marked by _______ Era, extinction
The period in the geologic time scale beginning when Earth orginated is _______time precambrian
The era 65 million years ago to today is known as the _____ era cenozoic
______ ______ such as chemicals, water, clay, dissolved minerals, in oceans and gases in atmosphere formed life. Non-living matter
Fossils in the Paleozoic era sponges
How many years ago did humans' ancestors start living? 4 million years ago
How do scientists think dinosaurs died? A big metorite
At the end of the palezoic era, what started to appear? dragonflies, winged insects, reptiles and cockroaches
What species quietly went extinct? neanderthals
Where was the group of australopitheecines? Southern Africa
____________ was like a present day humun with bigger heavier bones. Cro Magnon
A paleoantropologist discovered ________ in Tanzania australopithecines' footprints
There are ____ animal kingdoms. 5
All organisms have a _____ part scientific name. 2
What did Carolus Linnaeus find? taxonomy
The first and second part of a scientific name identifies... genus and species
Describe the first and last levels of classification, kingdom and species. kingdom contains all organisms of a certain type; species contains one animal with certain characteristics.
What does the dichotomous key do? It classifies all organisms into groups
Archaebacteria and eubacteria are prokaryotes
Members of the Kingdom Protista are single-celled
Most bacteria are classified in which kingdom? eubacteria
What kind of organisms live in hot springs or other extreme environments? archaebacteria
Which kingdom do humans belong to? What characteristics place humans here? Animalia...look up the characteristics
Name the six kingdoms. Protista, Archaebacteria, eubacteria, plantae, fungi, animalia
Created by: kara713