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crossword study guide

what place describes it's location? mesopotamia
what was the main temple of the gods of the city? ziggurat
what is the name of the land that stretched in and are from the mediterranean sea to the persian gulf? Fertile Crescent
what was the name of vthe greatest kiung of the new Babylonian Empire? Nebuchadnezzar
what is an area of many territories and people that are cfontrolled by one government? empire
what was another name fo market? bazaar
what was the proper term for a group of traders traveling together? caravan
what empire did King Sargon rule? Assyria
what was an organized list of laws or rules? code
what was a form of writing that used groups of wedges and lines; used to write several languagesof vthe Fertile Crescent? cuneiform
what was a unit of weight or money used in ancient Greece and Asia? mina
what was a set of laws created by the Babylonian king Hammurabi, telling his people how to livew and settle conflicts? Hammurabi's code
what, in certain societies, is a person of high rank, sometimes inheritted through family connections noble
what was thw way the Phoenicians found to write using 22 symbols called alphabet
"according to the bible a leader named abraham led his peopleto a beleif in god." what was this practice called? monotheism
what was another meaning for scarce food and starvatiion called? famine
what was another word to use when someone forces people to live in another country? exile
what was an ancient region in present day lebanon called? Phoenicia
What is it called when it was believed God made a binding agreement with Abraham? covenant
Who was the first Isrealite leader Abraham
Created by: gramajoeric