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Stack #118448

NCLEX PN Drug facts from review-3rd

Name of vaccination against Clostridium Bacterium Tetanus
BRETHINE terbulaline
Brethine is used to stop contractions/may feel a fluttering or tight sensation in chest
PRO-BANTHINE propantheline
propantheline is a GI anticholenergic
propantheline TX for gallbladder (cholecystitis); it inhibits the contraction of the bile ducts & gallbladder
REGONOL pyridostigmine
regonol classification is anti cholinesterase
regonol is for TX of myasthenia gravis. Counters fatigue & muscle problems. Helps pt. swallow food easier.
ALDACTONE spironolactone
Aldactone is a diuretic (potassium sparing)
Aldactone tip: avoid salt substitutes because of hi potassium content
HALDOL haloperidol
Haldol is an anti psychotic (no anticids within 1 hour)
Haldol is for TX of pyshosis & schizophrenia
Haldol dose is 5-100mg/d; Avoid sun
Haldol SE dystonia, akathiasia & parkinsonion & extra pyramedial effecta
TOFRANIL imipramine
Tofranil is an anti depressent
Tofranil needs to be taken 3 to 4 weeks before results are seen
SINEMET levodopa-carbidopa
Sinemet is an anti parkinson drug
Sinemet-SE orthostatic LBP
SULFAMYLON mafenide acetate
Sulfamylon is a topical antibiotic
Sulfamylon TX for burns, prevents infection
an anticonvulsant used for seizures magnesium sulfate
magnesium sulfate SE feel doped and sleepy
what drug used for opium withdrawel methodone
RITALIN methylphenidate
Ritaline - need to monitor child bc drug may interfere w/growth & dev.
morphine SE causes respiratory depression, Lo BP, sedation & confusion
morphine pre-op use to reduce anxiety & lower amt. anesthesia required. lowers body metabolism
MAO inhibitors - Teaching: may cause LBP (so driving precautions), avoid tyramine rich food to prevent hi & lo BP.
NARCAN naloxose
Narcan is used for opioid overdose
neomycin is an anti infective
neomycin TX for colon surgery to lower bacterial count & lower risk of fecal contamination in surgery
neomycin SE hearing loss
PROSTIGMIN neostigmine
neostigmine is for TX myasthenia gravis; Give 45 min before meal to improve chewing & swallowing (but give w/sm.amt food)
nitrates AKA nitroglycerin
nitroglycerin-store in original dark containers
nitroglycerin-give how sublingual
nitroglycerin is for relief of chest pain:Take and wait 5 min X 3; If no relief-get help. Use 5 to 10 min. before activity to prevent pain
nitroglycerin SE HA (will decrease w/use)
nitroglycerin-lay down or sit for 10 min after taking. May cause HTN.
nitroglycerin and alcohol may increase so NO ALCOHOL
nitroglycerin increases blood flow by dilating vessels
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