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deborah & Gideon qz

what prophecy did Deborah have about siseria that he would be delivered unto the hands of a woman
who did deborah challenge about cowardice? barak
how many chariots did sisera's army have 900
who went before the Israelites army in battle God
what did god do to destroy sisera''s chariots he used a massive thunderstorm and the chariots got stuck in the mud
what did Jael offer sisera to drink? milk
who is represented by the angel of God? christ
what did god call gideon to do? to go into battle against the midianites
how did gideon receive power to do God's work the holy spirit gave him the power
how many men were in gideon's army when he battled the midianites 300
what was given to each of gideon's men to take into battle a trumpet a pitcher and a torch
why did gideon only take some of his men into the battle give God the credit
give one of the 3 signs God use to give gideon assurance of his calling the angel of the lord touched the rock under gideon's offering & caught on fire
who fulfilled deborahs prophecy Jael
how did sisera die? Jael drove a tent peg through sisera's temple
what excuse did Gideon gie saying he was not worthy to do God's work youngest of his poor family
results of gideons victory? midian was defeated. Israel ruled the land. There was peace for 40 years, as long as Gideon lived he had 70 sons
what is the basis of courage? knowing God's will
who was prophetess and received direct revelation from God Deborah
Deborah began the conflict with her enemy in what 2 ways 1. She sent barak to fight against the canaanites 2. this took great courage because if her plan had failed she would have been punished as a traitor (probably killed)
deborah challenged baraks __________________? cowardice