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Environmental law

Study of environmental laws

Describe development Business,money,etc. Don't care for environment
Describe preservation Caretakers of nature
Describe conservation Using resources wisely
What are three types of environmental issues? Resource growth:uses non-renewable resources,Popoulation growth: more people means more pollution, Pollution: effects everybody in a negative way.
Explain cost vs. Benefit They way the positives and negatives to make the best decision.
Explain the EPA Environmental protection agency. Has the right to manage anything contributing to environmental harm
What is the biosphere All living things on the planet
What is the lithosphere All the land on the earth
What is the hydrosphere All the water
What is the atmosphere All the air
What does the word enact mean? To create a law
What is amended? To change
Name the act: ensures that our fresh waterways stay clean. The clean water act
What lead the clean water act to be enacted? Because of the dangerous pollution levels.
Are you going to ace this test? Hopefully. :/
Created by: 180148