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Ch.110 Bio Weapons

Pharmacology for Nurses

Bacillus Anthracis (Anthrax): Caused by the Bacillus anthracis ________ bacterica
Bacillus Anthracis (Anthrax): can be transmitted through ________, _________, or ____ exposure inhalation, cutaneous, GI
Bacillus Anthracis (Anthrax): Spores can remain ____ and survive ____ environments until enter a host and becomes an active bacteria dormant; harsh
Bacillus Anthracis (Anthrax): Anthrax is ____ transmitted person-to-person NOT
Bacillus Anthracis (Anthrax):inhalation- latency can last from ___day to ___ weeks in regional lymph nodes 2 ;6
Bacillus Anthracis (Anthrax):inhalation- Bacilli release ____ causing hemorrhage, edema, and necrosis toxins
Bacillus Anthracis (Anthrax):inhalation- initial symptoms include ____, ____, malaise, and weakness fever, cough
Bacillus Anthracis (Anthrax):inhalation- 2-3 days later a sudden increase in ____, ____ distress, septicemia, hemorrhage meningitis, and ____ may occur fever; respiratory; shock
Bacillus Anthracis (Anthrax):cutaneous- symptoms being ___-___ days after exposure to spores 1-7
Bacillus Anthracis (Anthrax):cutaneous- small ____ or vesicle develops with localized ____ papules; itching
Bacillus Anthracis (Anthrax):cutaneous- lesion enlarges and causes painless____ with ____ core ulcers; necrotic
Bacillus Anthracis (Anthrax):cutaneous- lesion develop ____ and sloughs off within 12-14 days eschar
Bacillus Anthracis (Anthrax):cutaneous- systemic ____ may develop and is deadly and rare infection
Bacillus Anthracis (Anthrax):TREATMENT- ____ treated with IV ciprofloxacin, doxycycline Inhalation
Bacillus Anthracis (Anthrax):TREATMENT- ____ treated with PO cipro/ doxy Cutaneous
Bacillus Anthracis (Anthrax): vaccination pre-exposure includes ____ with three subQ injections given 2 weeks apart BioThrax
Bacillus Anthracis (Anthrax):Vaccine- common side effects include muscle/joint aches, headache, local redness/tenderness, fatigue, and ____ nausea
Bacillus Anthracis (Anthrax): People at high rick of exposure and those dealing with ____ from anthrax-endemic areas animal products
Bacillus Anthracis (Anthrax): Post-exposure prophylaxis includes ____ plus ____ antibiotic; vaccination
Yersinia Pestis (Pneumonic Plague: caused be gram-____ bacillus Yersinia pestis negative
Yersinia Pestis (Pneumonic Plague): can be ____ with tender, enlarged, inflamed lymph nodes or ____ with inflammation of lungs bubonic; pneumonic
Yersinia Pestis (Pneumonic Plague): _____ caused be bite of flea and is not transmitted person-to-person Bubonic
Yersinia Pestis (Pneumonic Plague): ____ plague can be spread by coughing and fatality rate is high Pneumonic
Yersinia Pestis (Pneumonic Plague): Occurs 2-4 days after exposure; high ____, ____, ____, hemoptysis, GI upset, respiratory failure -> death fever, shortness of breath, cough
Yersinia Pestis (Pneumonic Plague): Treatment includes ____ streptomycin, IM or __ gent, or doxy, cipro IM; IV
Yersinia Pestis (Pneumonic Plague): No ____ to protect against disease vaccine
Variola Virus (Smallpox): very _____ and deadly contagious
Variola Virus (Smallpox): human are the ____ natural reservoir for the virus ONLY
Variola Virus (Smallpox): no ____ exists, but ____ is key cure; prevention
Variola Virus (Smallpox): virus enters through ____ membranes by inhalation mucus
Variola Virus (Smallpox): Incubation is 12-14 days followed by prodromal phase mainfestion with high ___, ___, prostration, headache, and backache fever; malasis
Variola Virus (Smallpox): small red spots develop on tongue, then bursting causing large eruptions of ____ into the mouth and throat virus
Variola Virus (Smallpox): skin eruptions occur with the samae ____ rash, then pus-filled rashes that form crust then scab and then scab falls off leaving pitting ____ vesicular; scar
Variola Virus (Smallpox): ____ mortality rate with smallpox 30%
Variola Virus (Smallpox): transmission occurs person-to-person by ____ or ____, contact with ____ or ____ touch; inhalation; bedding; clothing
Variola Virus (Smallpox): person remains ____ until scab fall off completely infectious
Variola Virus (Smallpox): vaccination is not currently recommended for general public, but for select ____ population
Botulinum Toxin: produced by Clostridium botulinum and is the most ____ poison known potent
Botulinum Toxin: acts by ____ nerve transmission at neuromuscular junction blocking
Botulinum Toxin: descending flaccid ____ beginning 12-72 hours after exposure; double vision, blurred vision, drooping eyelids, dry mouth, difficulty speaking/swallowing, and muscle weakness; starts with shoulder then feet paralysis
Botulinum Toxin:Death caused by paralysis of ___ muslces respiratory
Botulinum Toxin: Treatment is ____ with infusion of botulism immune globulin supported
Chemical Weapons: Sulfur Mustard (Mustard Gas): Exists as an ____ liquid that could be released into water supplies or vaporied into the air oily
Chemical Weapons: Sulfur Mustard (Mustard Gas): Takes around 2-24 hours to develop after exposure; SKIN- pain, redness, swelling, blisters in warm,moist areas; EYES-caused irritation, swelling and tearing with severe exposure causing ___ blindness
Chemical Weapons: Sulfur Mustard (Mustard Gas): Respriratory- causes runny nose, sneezing, hoarseness, sinus pain, and dry cough with severe exposure causing ____ and ___ of lung tissue hemorrhage and necrosis
Chemical Weapons: Sulfur Mustard (Mustard Gas): GI can cause nausea, _____, and diarrhea and abdominal pain vomiting
Chemical Weapons: Sulfur Mustard (Mustard Gas): Bone marrow- can cause bone marrow suppression in very high doses resulting in ____ and ____ neutropenia; thromboytopenia
Chemical Weapons: Sulfur Mustard (Mustard Gas): treatment includes decontamination and ____ care supportive
Radiation Emergencies: exposure to radiaoactive substances can cause major damage to ____ gland and increase the risk of developing ____ cancer thyroid; thyroid
_____ _____ can be administered to block the uptake of radioactive iodine by the thyroid potassium iodine
KI must be taken within ___ hours after exposure 48
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