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6th Grade

Discovering Africa's Cultural Diversity

The largest ethnic group and language in Mali. Bambara
Their legal system is based on Islamic and civil law. Egypt
Known for it's long distance runners. Kenya
In the Congo it has become difficult to create a stable government because of this. Multicultural and colonial heritage.
Kenya has over a hundred of these. Ethnic groups
Their population is 1/2 Christian. Botswana
Egypt has a culture that ties it more to the Middle East. Arab
The weekly market is the center of social and economic life in this country. Mali
Kenya has set aside many of these for tourism. National parks
Basketry is the best known art form in this African country. Botswana
This country has exported African jazz around the world. Congo
The Congo has four of these, but French is the official. National languages
Is the most widely spoken language in Botswana. Tswana
These sports are tied to ancient Egypt. Weightlifting and wrestling.
Mali's arts are tied to the carvings of statues and these items. Wood masks.
Kenya and the United States have this in common with religion. Freedom of Religion. Worship of a religion is up to the individual.
In the Congo most people are Christians or this major religion. Roman Catholic
Natural resource of Botswana. Diamonds
Ninety percent of the people in Mali belong to this religion. Sunni Islam
One of the oldest Christian groups in Egypt. Copts
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