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Chapter 4 questions


What does it mean that a water molecule is polar? there is positive charge at one end of the molecule and negative charge at the other.
What is pH? What do high and low pHs mean? What pH is neutral? pH is a measurement of the acid or alkaline properties of a molecule--high pHs (above8) are basic and low pHs (below6) are acidic--neutral is pH 7.
What general function do enzymes accomplish? cause the breakdown of nutrients into smaller molecules--combined with other enzymes--complex materials required by the cell--derive energy from chemicals for use by the growing cell.
What are the workers of a cell? enzymes--which are polymers of amino acids
Would an organism that contains 1 million base pairs of DNA be more likely to have 1 thousand or 10 thousand genes? 1,000--an average gene is about one thousand base pairs long.
How many bases of RNA are required to code for one amino acid? 3 RNA bases for 1 amino acid
How do DNA and RNA differ? DNA--double stranded, has the sugar deoxyribose and the nucleotide T(thymidine)--RNA--single stranded--ribose, and U (uridine) in place of T
If a bacterial cell has 35% guanine, how much cytosine would it have? How much adenine? Why is this so? 35% cytosine--C always =s G in DNA--15% adenine because remaining 30% of nucleotides must have = A and T.
What is the main function of lipids in the cell membrane? small macromolecules that span cell membranes--provide nonpolar boundary to keep cellular contents in and unwanted materials out.
Created by: heatherlvn