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Ch 4 & 5 Migration & Navigation

Dark skinned people who settled in New Guinea about 40,000 years ago. Later they moved to the Solomon Islands. Australoids
People who came from Asia about 4,000 years ago Austronesians
The arts, beliefs, and customs of a people Culture
The movement or flow of masses of water in the ocean Current
Material in cells that is passed from parents to their children. Newest method being used to understand where early Pacific islanders came from DNA
Moving from one country to settle in another Migration
The art or skill of sailing where you want to go Navigation
Lapita pottery is used to study Where people settled and traded
Example of what scientists used to settled the Pacific. Lapita pottery, Racial studies, DNA studies and language studies
Examples of why early islanders left Southeast Asia. War, Looking for better resources, overcrowding
Pacific Island mapping: Where did the Australoid and Austronesian migrations begin? Southeast Asia
Pacific Island mapping: Where was Lapita Pottery found? Tonga, Solomon Islands, Philippines, Southeast Asia,
Pacific Island mapping: Within the Polynesian Triangle, which 2 islands made many migrations? Marquesas Islands and Tahiti
Tahiti is a part of what Polynesian island group? Society Islands
3 corners of the Polynesian Triangle are? Hawai`i, New Zealand and Easter Island
Aotearoa New Zealand
Rapa Nui Easter Island
What South American plant was found in the Pacific Islands? Sweet Potato
What is the safest direction to search for new islands in an unknown ocean? Upwind (into the wind)
Where do most scientists think the ancestors of today's Pacific islanders came from? Southeast Asia
Main form of transportation for most Pacific islanders Outrigger canoes
Tool that can help you know in which direction you are going, but not where you are Compass
Pacific island navigators use for telling direction during the daytime Undersea Reefs
Method used during the daytime and on cloudy nights for telling direction Feel of Waves
If see, means land is near Land Nesting Birds
Helps island navigators know how strong currents are Shape of Waves
Starting from a known position and then heading in the direction of where you want to go Dead Reckoning
Used by island navigators (before Europeans came) to tell direction - used to navigate Wayfinding: Stars Sun, Moon, dead reckoning, Waves. Currents, Undersea Reefs, and Seabirds
Undersea Reefs, Waves, Clouds, or Birds, Which can be used to tell exact position? Undersea reefs
Lines tell how far north or south of the equator you are Latitude
Most important star in the northern hemisphere because it is always in the same place North Star
Lines tell how far east or west you are Longitude
At sunset, the land-nesting seabirds head directly for their island - true or false True
Outrigger canoes are flimsy and not very good in the open ocean - true of false False
Mau Piailug, a Micronesian Master navigator came from where in the Federated States of Micronesia Satawal Atoll in Yap State
Mau was asked to navigate the ________________ on its first voyage to ______ in _____ Hokule`a; to Tahiti ; in 1976
Name 2 of 5 PWO Navigators Nainoa Thompson, Chadd Paishon, Bruce Blankenfeld, Kalepa Baybayan, Shorty Bertelmann
What is the name of the box that holds the kitchen gear on the wa'a? Galley Box
What ocean did Hokule`a go through in 2015? Indian
What 2 capes in South Africa did Hokule`a visit? Cape Town and Cape of Good Hope
In 2016, which ocean will Hokule`a be sailing into? Atlantic
Created by: MrsJM
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