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China Unit - Darden

Ancient Civilization -- Darden

Heir means _________________ Person in line for throne or power
Dynasty means _______________________ Period of time which a family rules Throne passed from father to son
Loess means _____________________ thick yellow soild that collects in Gobi Desert & flows to Yellow River Valley
(T/F) Rice was grown in paddy fields. True
Fortification means ___________________ Protection
Wards are ________________________ Districts
(T/F) Litchis is a type of fruit native to Egypt. True
(T/F) Lacquer is a type of fruit. False
Symbols that stand for dark, bright, female, male, weak and strong Yin and Yang
Ancestor Those who lived and died before you
Offering gift given in respect, honor or appreciation
Altar sacred place to give spiritual praise
(T/F) Porcelain was made with silk. False
(T/F) Kaolin was gathered from tree sap. False
(T/F) Shaman is a religious or spiritual leader True
(T/F) Kilns were used to detect and measure earthquakes False
(T/F) Jade was a hard pink clay. False
(T/F) Bartering no longer exists today. False
Name a desert in Ancient China. Taklimakan or Gobi
Name the highest mountain in China. Mt. Everest
Name a mountain range in China. Himalayas
Huang He River is known as the _____________ Yellow River
Long River is known as the ________________ Yangtze River
Name a plain in this region. North China Plain
Tibet is a ___________________________ country
Mongolia is a ___________________________ country
Anyang is a _________________________ city
Zhengzhou is a _______________ city
Luayang is a _______________________ city
Ch'ang-an is a ____________________ city
Chinese want to stay in harmony with _______ Nature
___________ trees were grown to keep silk worms and make clothes. Mulberry
Chinese cities are built in what shape? Square
Chinese believed the Earth was ______________ flat
What was built around every city to protect against attack walls
(T/F) Ch'ang-an was the most famous Chinese city of all. True
(T/F) Only the rich had courtyards. False
(T/F) China is a vast land. True
Name the animal that was important to courier stations so that messages could be delivered. Horse
Name the type of boat that used to carry large loads along wide rivers. Barge
Name the river where the earliest Chinese settled. Yellow River
Bronze Age is linked to which dynasty? Han
Golden Age is linked to which dynasty? T'ang
His teachings said that everyone should be loyal, sincere, polite, respect and obey elders Confucius
He believed in a perfectly kind and just government. He disapproved of showing off wealth Lao-tzu
'Tao' translates into ______________ Nature's Way
____________ claimed to be Sons of Heaven Emperors
____________ were lent a plot of land by government or rich land owning family . Farmers
_______________ served one month each year by building or repairing roads, bridges or fortifications throughout the Empire Farmers
__________________ at noon alerted people that the market place was open for business Drum beats
Name the fortfication built by the First Emperor of China to keep northern Asia tribes out Great Wall
_____________ ages 23-56 served in the army for 2 years during the Han Dynasty. Men
Stamped gold and bronze pieces were used as _________ Money
____________ this path was used to transport silk across Asia to the Mediterranean Silk Road
(T/F) Households tended be small. False
(T/F) Girls were more highly regarded than boys in this culture. False
___________________ was arranged by parents and friends. Marriages
_____________ were made out of wooden planks or mud with a roof of bamboo or reeds Homes of the poor
______________ were made with wood and had tile roofs and were more than one storey high Homes of the rich
_______________ must obey and respect older people Young people
(T/F) Nearly every family had servants. True
First documented evidence of writing was found on _______________ and _______________ animal bones and tortoise shells
____________ was expensive and reserved for the most expensive written documents. Silk
(T/F) Parents tried to give their daughters a good education. False
(T/F) The aim of school was to prepare boys for jobs with the government. True
Some farmers also specialized in ____________ Fishing
Name three cereal foods thate were important. Millet Wheat Rice
Rich nobles hunted ______________ and ______ Deer and bears
Normal diet was a stew of _____________ vegetables
Grapes were used to create _____________ wine
_____________ is a precious stone that symbolizes purity and is often used in ceremonies and worn as jewelry. Jade
Name the most important holiday New Year's Day
At night the moon was supposed to shine the brightest. Children would hang colored lanterns in courtyards. Name this holiday. Mid Autumn Festival or Harvest Moon Festival
Many _______________ lived in mountains, streams, trees, the air, wind, thunder and rain spirits
______________ claimed to talk to spirits. Shaman
Offerings of food and drink were used to please __________ ancestors
________________ means 'Enlightened One' Buddhism
Siddarta was an Indian ______________ Prince
Siddartha preached that people should follow the ____________________ path. middle
Chilren would morn the death of parent for how many years? 3 years
Name the color that symbolizes mourning. White
Name the clay army of over 8000 life size soldiers. Teracotta Army
(T/F) Common people could afford expensive burial services. False
Rich people purchased entire ________________ to use as family tombs. hillsides
Iron was developed during which dynasty. Han
Fireworks and gun powder were developed during which dynasty. T'ang
____________ was invented after AD 105 Paper
Porcelain came about during this dynasty T'ang
Lacquer use came about durin this dynasty Han
Making quick copies or duplicates originated from _________________ woodblock printing
____________ and _______________ were used to relieve pain and heal a wide range of illnesses Acupuncture and moxibustion
Sundials and _________________ were created in 100BC. water clocks
__________________ extraction took place during the second century in China. Salt
Armillary sphere is used to observe ________ and _______________ stars and planets
Seismograph was created by Chinese to study ____________ earthquakes
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