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Science Guide - 3er Bimester

Matter Anything that has mass and takes up space
Mass The amount of material that an object has
Volume The amount of space that matter takes up
Length The measured distance from one point to another point
Density The amount of mass in a certain volume of matter
How is length measure? The tool With a meter stick
The basic unit of measure: Length Meter
How is volume of a solid measure? The tool With a meter stick
The basic unit of measure: Volume of a solid Cubic meter
How is the volume of a liquid measure? The tool With a graduated cylinder
The basic unit of measure: Volume of a liquid Liter
How is the mass of an object measure? The tool With a balance or a scale
The basic unit of measure: Mass Gram
Physical change Change in matter that changes shape, size, color or estate but does not produce a difference kind of matter
Chemichal change A change in matter that produces a different kind of matter is
Physical change, samples + Cutting a paper + Painting a paper + Cutting an apple + Boiling water + Cutting a paper in a circle shape + Melting ice
Chemical change, samples + Burning paper + Burning gasoline + Making cheese with milk + Making paper from a tree + Iron pipe rusted + Baking a cake + Cooking an egg
Force A push or a pull on an object that can cause it to change motion
Gravity Force that pulls two objects toward one another because of their mass
Inertia The tendency of a moving object to stay in motion or a resting object to stay at rest
Friction A force that slows the motion of moving objects
Energy The ability to do work
Potential energy Energy that an object has because of position
Kinetic energy Energy of motion
Potential energy, samples + Bow and arrow, when a pull the cord + A snowball at the top of the hill + A stretched rubber band + A kid on the top of the slide + A boy hanging a ball + A boy in the swing
Kinetic energy, samples + Bow and arrow, when the cord is release + A snowball going down the hill + A kid going down the slide + A boy dropping the ball + A boy in the swing
Mechanical energy The kind of energy an object has because it can move or because is moving
Chemical energy Energy that comes from chemical changes
Electrical energy Energy that comes from the flow of electricity
Work The result of a force moving an object
Tool Machine that makes work easier
Simple machine Is a machine made or one or two parts
Simple machine, samples + Inclined plane + Wheel and axle + Pulley + Lever + Screw + Wedge
Created by: agsschool