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SCI. Ch. 2 Sec. 5

Water Underground

How does water get underground? it trickles down between particles of soil and through cracks and spaces in layers of rock
Pores different sized spaces
How easily water moves through materials depends on what two things? the size of the pores and how connected each other are
Permeable materials that allow water to easily pass through or permeate
Give examples of permeable sand and gravel
impermeable materials that water cannot pass through easily
Give examples of impermeable clay and granite
True or false: once water reaches an impermeable layer it is trapped true
Saturated zone area of permeable rock or soil that is totally filled, or saturated, with water
What tells you how deep you must dig to reach groundwater? knowing the depth of the water table
unsaturated zone layer of the rocks and soil about the water table
Aquifer any underground layer of rock or sediment that holds water
What factors affect how fast water moves in an aquifer? how steeply the aquifer slopes and how permeable the rocks are
How can people obtain groundwater from an aquifer? by drilling a well below the water table
Recharge new ater that enters the aquifer from the surface
artesian well a well in which water rises because of pressure within the aquifer
Springs groundwater bubbles or flows out or cracks in the rock
geyser type of hot spring from which the water bursts periodically into the air
How does a geyser form? when very hot water that has been circulating deep underground begins to rise through narrow passages in the rock
Created by: carmanbc