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9th Grade Geography

Test Asia

Highest Point on earth Mount Everest
Lowest point on earth Dead Sea
Highest Plateau Plateau of Tibet
Largest Peninsula Arabian Peninsula
Largest Achipelago Malay
Coldest Desert Gobi Desert
Largest Lake Caspian Sea
A famous tomb in India resembling an Islamic mosque The Taj Mahal
The world's longest fortification, built during the Ch'in dynasty in China, and the only manmade structure that can be seen from space. Great Wall of China
A dangerous trade route that linked China with the Roman Empire. The Great Silk Road
A narrow strip of land in the Middle East which includes the nations of Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, and Iraq. Fertile Crescent
The birthplace of Muhammad, and the Muslim mosque in which they pray toward. Mecca
The Ural mountains form a natural barrier between the two sides of Russia, this side lies in Asia and is a land of short summers and very cold winters. Siberia
This Muslim mosque resides in Israel, where Mohammad ascended to heaven. Dome of the Rock
A name for the countries bordering the Pacific Ocean. Pacific Rim
Japan's Highest Peak Mount Fuji
An Indonesian Island which was the site of one of history's most violent volcanic eruptions. Krakatau
The Holy Land God promised to Abraham's descendents. Israel
The world's largest city in population, and the capital of Japan. Tokyo
What man-made body of water separates Asia from Africa? Suez Canal
Name the main religion in India that forbids the slaughter of cattle. Hinduism
Because Asia is connected by land to Europe, the two continents together are often referred to as ___. Eurasia
Mongolia is named after the ___, a group of nomadic tribes who for centuries wandered in search of pasture land for their livestock. Mongols
Why does the Middle East hold such an important position in the world, while the countries of Central Asia are rarely heard of? Location
Because India is geographically and distinctly separated from the rest of the continent, it can be called a ___. Subcontinent
What area is called the "Crossroads of the Ancient World"? The Middle East
Both Arabs and Jews are descendants of ___. Abraham
Saudi Arabia, Israel, Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Russia, Mongolia, China, Japan, Thailand, India Countries
Pacific, Indian Oceans
Himalayan, Mount Fuji Mountains
Bay of Bengal, Caspian Sea, Red Sea, Gulf of Thailand, Arabian Sea, Persian Gulf Seas and Gulfs
Created by: LiseBrinkley