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judicial branch

social studies

What is the main role of the judicial branch in Georgia? Insure that laws consistent with the Georgia constitution
What kind of case is it when a person wants another person to pay for damages to personal property? Civil case
when charges are filled by the government against the person believed to have committed the crime what kind of case is it criminal case
The supreme court has how many justices? 7
what is the highest court in Georgia supreme Court
what kind of cases does the supreme Court automatically hear in the state's highest appellate court capital felony
what is a crime that is punishable by death? a capital felony
how many superior courts are in ga 159
what kind of cases do superior courts here felonies, divorces, and titles to land
the authority court handles specific types of disputes and legal cases (true/false) true
What is the area where a crime or dispute takes place Jurisdiction
What type of court ensures the wills of decreased persons probate court
Does every county have a probate court yes
what is a crime which carries a penalty of less than one year in jail and a fine less than $1,000 misdemeanor
how do justices in the game supreme court and court of appeals get their jobs by being elected
what are the type of laws that juveniles must follow but adults don't have to unruly youth laws
what jury determines if there is enough evidence to try a case Grand jury
What court reviews all Georgia cases involving the death penalty Supreme Court
the game state seal includes what three words wisdom, justice, and moderation
who many counties are in the state of ga 159
what is the first thing that happens in an adult criminal process The adult is charged with a crime
The person who tries to resolve a conflict before it goes to court Mediator
do the appellate courts review decisions in the higher or lower courts lower courts
What kind of cases to trial courts hear original cases
ga's highest trial court is what Superior Court
What type of court doesn't use a judge juvenile court
What is an example of a felony murder
What court will hear delinquent cases that are not handled in juvenile court superior court
What are the two main types of court in ga trial and appellate
A juvenile who is found to have no parents, abused, or neglected and under the age of 18 are referred to as deprived
If u are taken into custody for truancy, it means that you haven't been attending school
the term for the accused person in a criminal trial is called the defendant
the term for the accused person in a civil trial is called a defendant
the term for the attorney who represents the govt in a criminal case is the prosecutor
a judge must hear a case involving a juvenile after he/she is taken into custody in how many hrs 72
who is the first person contacted when a juvenile gets arrested their guardians/parents
when the judge says the juvenile can go home without no further action means what The case is dismissed
the term for juvenile "jail" is what regional youth detention center
ga began the state wide juvenile court system statewide in what yr 1950
the right that is guaranteed every child Georgia is what Free public education
The age range that is required for all juveniles to attend school is 6-16
what's the only difference btw a juvenile case and a adult case is that in a juvenile case their are no judges
The Juvenile Court System in ga was created in what county and in what year Fulton county;1905
if a juvenile commits in act that would be a crime if an adult committed the act,the juvenile is said to be a what delinquent juvenile
Created by: ReidRoberts14