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Dr. Turner Infection

Infection flash cards

What is normal flora? Normal pathogens present in the body.
What is colonization? microorganism is present in the body but not present in the numbers required to cause infection
What are signs of infection? Increased white blood cells. Normals(500-1000mm3) Edema- redness-drainage- impairment of effected body part
What is the chain of infection? • Infectious agent- reservoir- portal of exit- mode of transmission- portal of entry- host
What is a nonsocial infection? - Health –care acquired infection (HAI) - Most common HAI is a UTI from Foley catheters. • Female- usually contamination with feses • Male- usually contamination of tubing and outflow spigot on bag
What is pneumonia? inflammatory process of lung parenchyma associated with increase in interstitial and alveolar fluid. Most fatal HAI. Considered HAI if pt has been in hospital for 48 hrs.
What is TB? Tuberculosis- leading cause of death prior to late 1940’s Re-emergence from 1985-1992. Airborne pathogen.
What is the causative agent for TB? Mycobacterium tuberculosis
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