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7th Science Ch.9


What term refers to an iguanid's throat fan dewlap
What is the largest group of snakes colubrids
Identify the toothlike scales found on sharks denticles
what term is used for the process whereby a mother caecilian grows a new layer of fat every 3 days to feed her young dermatophagy
frogs and toads are placed into which group anurans
Identify a turtle's upper shell that covers its back carapace
what are the 3 types of chimaera family long-nosed, short-nosed and plow-nosed
name the breathing openings that sharks and rays have behind their eyes spiracles
on what characteristic do scientist base the 3 main categories of salamander reproduction
what group are true rays, electric rays, skates and sawfish classified in batoids
A scientist who studies fish is known as a ichthyologist
A "square" on a turtle's shell is called a scute
In which type of movement does a snake follow an S-shaped path by exerting force against surface irregularities lateral undulation
Which group contains amphibians with long bodies and no limbs caecilians
Identify the protective layer that surrounds the nutrient filled egg of a reptile amnion
Which organism has slime glands that help create a slippery coating around it hagfish
Identify the lizardlike reptile with a partial eye tuatara
Identify the organ used by snakes to detect scent molecules Jacobson's
A gecko's transparent eye cover is called spectacle
Color-containing cells that control a reptile's ability to change color are called chromatophores
Identify the organ used by snakes to detect temperature pit
Name the shark that has eyes on large wings on either side of its head hammerhead
Give the general term for a turtle that lives on land tortoise
What term refers to a medicine used to counteract venom antivenin
Which crocodilians have narrow snouts and a fourth lower tooth that shows when the jaw is closed crocodiles
What is the largest known fish whale shark
Identify the longest-living animal tortoise
Which group of venomous snakes has small, immoveable fangs elapids
What is the largest living lizard Komodo Dragon
What type of venom attacks the circulatory system hemotoxic
The process by which amphibians change from aquatic larvae to terrestrial adults is called metamorphosis
The world's smallest snakes are the blind snakes
Larvae of frogs and toads are called tadpoles
Herpetologists study these reptiles and amphibians
Animals that possess four legs are known as tetrapods
On sandy ground, a snake moves using ? in which it supports its body at several points while moving the rest in the direction of motion sidewinding movement
Animals that use external means to regulate temperature are considered cold-blooded
Fish eggs roe
hard, movable plate covering a fish's gills operculum
fin made of a single bone surrounded by muscle lobed
allows fish to stay suspended in water swim bladder
protective case that sharks lay their eggs in mermaid's purse
W-shaped band of skeletal muscle myomere
fin located on the side of a fish and behind its gills pectoral
prominent fin on top of a fish dorsal
a fish's tail fin caudal
a sawfish's long and unusual nose rostrum
Describe the metamorphosis of a frog hind legs begin to develop, then the front legs, the tail shrinks during leg growth, the digestive system also begins to shrink, the tadpole then develops lungs, the tadpole turns into a froglet
Created by: Harrison83