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card.dx test interv

nsg interventions for cardiact diagnostic test

ekg clients ability to lie still, breath normally, refrain from talking, reassure not electrical shock will occur, document any cardiac medications pt is taking
holter monitor resume normal ADLs, keep diary documenting activites & any sx that may develop.Avoid baths & showers they will interfere.
echocardiography ability to lie still, pt to lie still & breath normally & refrain from talking
TEE NPO 8-10 hours prior to exam, monitor for gag reflex before allowing to eat or drink
MRI eval for pacemaker or other implanted items, ensure client has removed all metal, may experience claustrophobia, loud noises
stress test - pre procedure consent if req'd, good rest, light meal 1-2 hrs before, avoid smoking, ETOH&caffeine.No theo for 12 hrs, cal.chnl & B-blkrs held for 24 hrs.dress appropriatle. Tell HCP if cp, dizziness, sob during procdure. List drug allergies.
stress test - post procedure avoid hot bath or showers for at least 1-2 hours after procedure.
nuclear cardiology - pre procedure informed consent, inform small amount of radioisotope will be injected & radiation exposure & risk are minimal
nuclear cardiology - post procedure monitor v/s, injection site for bleeding or discomfort, inform pt that fatique is possible
electrophysiologic studies informed consent
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