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vocab 3

Hypoglycemia Abnormally low blood sugar
Impaired Diminished, damaged, weakened
Incision A cut into a body tissue or organ
Incontinence Involuntary urination or defecation
Infiltrated To pass through into body
Infusing To introduce a solution into the body through the vein.
Insulin A hormone that aids in the metabolism of fats and carbs, which also lowers blood glucose.
Irrigated To bathe or wash out a body part, cavity, or wound
Laceration jagged wound or cut
Lethargic Deficient in alertness or activity.
Malaise Mild sickness, not symptomatic of any disease or ailment.
Menstration Women's monthly period.
Mucous membrane Membrane lining of air passages, respiratory.
Mucus "snot" mucin, water, cells, inorganic salts.
Nausea Urge to vomit.
Occult Detectable only by microscopic examination or chemical analysis.
Oriented to align or position with respect to a point of reference
Orthopnea Ability to breathe only while standing.
Pallor Paleness
Palpate Examine by touching.
Paralysis impairment or inability to move a body part.
Perineal Private area "perineal care"
Perineum Private area.
Peripheral Outer boundary
Phlegm Mucus secreted by respiratory tract during a cold or other respiratory illness.
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