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BH overview

behavioral health overview

What are some roles/responsibilities of BH RN? Intake screening o Case management o Self-care activities o Crisis care o Consultant o Relapse prevention o Social skills training o Milieu therapy
What are some other roles/responsibilites? o Administer medications o Ensure safety o Therapeutic communication o Documentation o Holistic care o Tx planning o Family education and support o Health promotion and maintenance
What are some legal and ethical issues in BH settings? o Legal- confidentiality (HIPAA) o Ethical- right to refuse medication; right to least restrictive Tx o Reimbursement- Behavioral health funds cut substantially
What is the definition of Mental Health? • “Emotional and psychological wellness; the capacity to interact with others, deal with ordinary stress, and perceive one’s surroundings realistically” • Maslow- to achieve mental health one has to be in the self actualization stage
What is the definition of Mental Illness? • “A disturbance in thoughts or mood cause maladaptive behavior, cant cope with normal stressors. Etiology may include genetic, physical, chemical, biological, psychological, or sociocultural factors” •mental disorders affects 25% of the adult
What does DTO/DTS stand for ? Danger to self/ Danger to others
What is title 36 in AZ? the state petitioning of mentally unstable
What is the DSM-IV? five level diagnostic system to classify illnesses and disorders. When considered together, these 5 levels give the treatment provider a complete diagnosis that includes factors influencing your psychiatric condition
What is an Axis I disorder? reserved for clinical disorders and developmental and learning disorders (Panic, Anxiery, Social Phobia, OCD, PTSD
What is an Axis II disorder? for personality disorders or mental retardation Borderline, Histrionic, Dependent, OC personality
What is an Axis III disorder? medical and/or physical conditions : Hypothrydism , DM
What is an Axis IV ? factors contributing or affecting, the current psychiatric disorder , social factors like: no support system, financial, legal, education, work issues
What is Axis V? AKA as GAF - global assessment of functioning. 100 pt scale used by MHP to described overall performance in areas of functioning
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