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Mana 3330 1st test

vocab and quizes covers ch 1,2,3

the planning for, development, management, and use of information technology tools to help people perform all tasks related to information processing and management Management information systems (MIS)
Do you have access to information when you need it, refers to the ____of the information Timeliness
Information is of no value to you if you can't access it, refers to the ____of the information Location
is defined by its form and your ability to make use of it, refers to the ___ of the information quality
addresses the credibility of information. Validity
most important resource in any organization is people.
the raw facts that describe a particular phenomenon Data
data that have a particular meaning within a specific context. Information
collective information-about your customers, your competitors, your business partners, your competitive environment, and your own internal operations-that gives you the ability to make effective, important, and often strategic decisions Business intelligence (Bl)
Information exhibits high quality only if it is pertinent, relevant, and useful to you Information Quality
Validity, Form, Location, Timeliness are all Factors of Information Quality
____ is the software that enables you to solve specific problems and perform specific tasks Application software
____ is the set of instructions that your hardware executes to carry out a specific task for you software
high when buyers have many choices from whom to buy, and low when their choices are few Buyer power
____ is hardware that interprets and executes the system and application software instructions and coordinates the operation of all the hardware Central processing unit (CPU)
____ is providing a product or service in a way that customers value more than what your competition is able to do Competitive advantage
____ are raw facts that describe a particular phenomenon such as the current temperature, the price of a movie rental, or your age Data
____defined by Porter as offering a product or service that is perceived as being "unique" in the marketplace Differentiation
____ is a product or service feature that customers have come to expect from organizations in a particular industry and that must be offered by an entering organization to compete and survive. Entry barrier
____ the principles and standards that guide our behavior toward other people Ethics
____ describes the environment surrounding the organization External information
____ is a significant impact on gaining market share by being the first to market with a competitive advantage First-mover advantage
_____helps business people understand the relative attractiveness of an industry and the industry's competitive pressures in five terms Five Forces Model
Five Forces Model is made up of: 1. Buyer power 2. Supplier power 3. Threat of substitute products or services 4. Threat of new entrants 5. Rivalry among existing competitors
MIS deals with the coordination and use of three very important organizational resources they are ___, ___, ___ information, people, and information technology
(1) to a particular market segment or buyer group, (2) within a segment of a product line, and for (3) to a specific geographic market Focus
Garbage-in garbage-out (GIGO)
_______the physical devices that make up a computer Hardware
______is data that have a particular meaning within a specific context Information
_____refers to the extent of detail within the Information Information granularity
_______ is someone who can define what information is needed, Knows how and where to obtain information, Understands the information once it is received Information-literate knowledge worker
_____any computer based tool that people use to work with information and support the information and info processing needs of an organization Information technology
_____is a tool you use to enter information and commands. These devices include such tools as keyboard, mouse, touch screen, game controller, and bar code reader. Input device
______describes specific operational aspects of an organization Internal information
________reward customers based on the amount of business they do with a particular organization, are called loyalty programs
___________quantifiably describes something that is known Objective information
______is a tool you use to see, hear, or otherwise recognize the results of your information-processing requests. Output devices
_____ as defined by Porter as offering the same or better quality product or service at a price that is less than what any of the competition is able to do Overall cost leadership
_______ is a temporary holding area for the information you're working with as well as the system and application software instructions that the CPU currently needs. RAM (random access memory)
is high when competition is fierce in a market, and low when competition is more complacent Rivalry among existing competitors
an approach in which you allocate in terms of percentages how you will spend your IT dollars on various types of business strategies run-grow transform (RG'I) framework.
worker knows how and when to apply technology Technology-literate knowledge worker
Michael Porter identified three approaches or strategies to beating the competition in any industry 1 Overall cost leadership 2. Differentiation 3. Focus
They are the total of all costs that you incur whether or not you sell anything Fixed cost
attempts to describe something that is unknown Subjective information
____ is high when buyers have few choices from whom to buy, and low when their choices are many Supplier power
____ are costs that make customers reluctant to switch to another product or service supplier Switching cost
____ handles tasks specific to technology management and coordinates the interaction of all technology devices System software.
____set goals, carry out tasks, make decisions, serve customers, and, in the case of IT specialists, provide a stable and reliable technology environment so the organization can run smoothly and gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace People
____is a tool you use to send information to and receive it from another person or computer in a network Telecommunications device
____ are high when it is easy for new competitors to enter a market, and low when there are significant entry barriers to entering a market Threat of new entrants
____ is high when there are many alternatives to a product or service, and low when there are few alternatives from which to choose. Threat of substitute,
____is the idea to get non-paid non-employees to do your work Crowdsourcing
These engines make recommendations to you based on your likes, dislikes, and past purchases Recommendation engines
____ include such things as a USB port into which you would connect a printer, connector cables to connect your printer to the USB port, and internal connecting devices on the motherboard. Connecting devices
____ is the amount it costs to acquire/produce one unit that you will eventually sell to your customers. Variable cost
____ is how much you sell that one unit for. Revenue
Companies like Amazon and eBay that only have a presence in the virtual world only have _____ Digital storefronts-
____ is a popular trend in most industries. If you can create a technology infrastructure that allows your employees to work anywhere Telecommuting
_______allows you to use the Internet for making phone calls instead of leasing traditional telephone lines from the phone company VoiP
With ______, you don't buy hardware infrastructure like servers or perhaps software site licenses. Instead, you rent them on an as-needed basis "in the cloud." cloud computing
____ are as their name implies; they don't exist in the physical world Virtual goods
Technology can help your organization overcome the 80/20 rule, which basically states that only 20 percent of the total available products are worth selling, there is money to be made in niche products too Long-tail economics
A company wants to find the number of employees who will qualify for retirement from their workforce in the coming year. What data is considered potential information in the context of this question? The age of the company's employees
What is a term is used to describe the process where information coming into your decision making process is in bad form and negatively affects decisions made? GIGO
What aspect of information is the organizational perspective of information mainly concerned with? Flow
What is a term that refers to the extent of detail provided in the information; for instance, some information may provide summary information while others may provide a great amount of detail? Information granularity
With regard to hardware technology, what is an input device? A bar code reader
What hardware devices is used to send information from one computer to another in a network? A telecommunications device
What types of software coordinates the interaction of technology devices? Systems software
Max Denton starts a café. His rent is $1,500; the coffee machine is $200 a month and furniture is $300 a month. It costs $2 to make a cup of coffee that sells for $5. What is the minimum number of cups Max would have to sell a month to break even?? 667
Companies obtain patents and trademarks to reduce the extent of duplication of their products. This strategy: increases companies' supplier power.
What is an approach in which you allocate in terms of percentages how you will spend your IT dollars on various types of business strategies? Run-grow-transform framework
SCM _____ is ensuring that the right quantity of parts for production or products for sale arrive at the right time. Fulfillment
SCM _____ is keeping the cost of transporting materials as low as possible consistent with safe and reliable delivery. Logistics
SCM _____ is ensuring production lines function smoothly because high-quality parts are available when needed. Production
SCM _____ is ensuring no sales are lost because shelves are empty. Revenue and profit
SCM _____ is keeping the cost of purchased parts and prices of products at acceptable levels Cost and price
_____the primary focus of supply chain management may be described Overall cost leadership and Running the organization
What is a key function of supply chain management? Tracking inventory among business processes
Sales force automation (SFA) is a function of what systems? Customer relationship management system
Front office systems differ from back office systems in that front office systems: are the primary interface to customers and sales channels.
What is a primary function of back office systems? Fulfill and support customer orders
A(n) _____ system is one that includes all technology systems and software in your organization. ERP
What is a terms that refers to aged information systems that are technologically out-of-date? Web 1.0 information systems
Which phase in the development of the Web is characterized by businesses pushing static, untailored information to users? Web 1995
What is a characteristic of the early Web, called Web 1.0? Pulling static information
What is a dimension of social media? Location-based services
___ are used to fulfill and support customer orders and they also send all their customer information to the database. Back office system
___uses information about customers to gain insights into their needs, wants, and behaviors in order to serve them better Customer relationship management {CRM) system
____is simply the path a product or service follows from the originator of the product or service to the end consumer. Distribution chain
____is a collection of integrated software for business mngt, acct, finance, HR mngt, project mngt, inventory mngt, service and maintenance, transportation, e-business, and-yes-SCM, CRM, and e-collaboration. Enterprise resource planning ERP) system
_____are the primary interface to customers and sales channels; they send all the customer information they collect to the database. Front office system
____ is two or more companies cooperating by integrating their IT systems, thereby providing customers with the best of what each can offer Information partnership
____is the use of multiple channels of transportation railway, truck, boat, and so on-to move products from origin to destination Inter-modal transportation
____is a method for producing or delivering a product or service just at the time the customer wants it Just-in-time
____ represents a massive, long-term business investment in a software system with a single focus Legacy information system {LIS)
_____ are games in which thousands or perhaps millions of people play and interact in a robust virtual world Massively multiplayer online role-playing game {MMORPG)
_____describes a company's offering multiple ways in which customers can interact with it. E-mail, fax, phone, and the Web are all ways in which most companies interact with their customers. Multi-channel service delivery
_____automatically track all the steps in the sales process. Sales force automation {SFA) systems
_____is the use of a mobile device and its location (as determined by GPS) to check into locations such as businesses and entertainment venues, find friends and their locations, and receive rewards and take advantage of "specials" based on location Social locationing {location-based services)
____is a collection of Web-based and mobile technologies that create true interactivity among users, most usually allowing users to be both creators and consumers of content Social media
______is a site on which you post information about yourself, create a network of friends, read about other people, share content such as photos and videos, and communicate with people Social networking site
____is a delivery model for software in which you pay for software on a pay-per-use basis instead of buying the software outright. Software-as-a-service {SaaS)
_____is an IT system that supports supply chain management activities by automating the tracking of inventory and information among business processes and across companies Supply chain management {SCM) system
______tracks inventory and information among business processes and across companies. Supply chain management {SCM)
____ is a person who focuses on the use of Twitter to communicate with customers, sponsors, business partners, and the like, to send company tweets about specials and new products/services, and so on Twitter jockey
______is the so called second generation of the Web and focuses on online collaboration, users as both creators and modifiers of content, dynamic and customized information feeds, and many other engaging Web-based services Web 2.0
Databases that support OLTP are most often referred to as _____. operational databases
In the relational database model, which part of the database stores information or logical properties about the data? Data dictionary
What uniquely identifies a record within a table? Foreign key
What refers to rules that help ensure the quality of the information in a relational database? Integrity constraints
In a DBMS, a(n) _____ actually accesses the database and data dictionary as they exist on a storage device. DBMS engine
What includes tools such as neural networks and fuzzy logic? Artificial intelligence
What data mining tools displays key information gathered from several sources on a computer screen in a format tailored to the needs and wants of an individual knowledge worker? Digital dashboard
A digital dashboard displays _____, the most essential and important quantifiable measures used in analytics initiatives to monitor the success of a business activity. key performance indicators
What is a subset of a data warehouse? A data mart
_______ is the science of fact-based decision making. Analytics
______is a growing field of study, research, and career opportunities that focuses on the integrated use of technology tools and statistical techniques to create real-time, high-quality, fact based BI in support of decision making Analytics
The _______ of a DBMS contains facilities to help you develop transaction-intensive applications Application generation subsystem
______ is simply a copy of the information stored on a computer Backup
_______collective information-about your customers, your competitors, your business partners, your competitive environment, your own internal operations- Business intelligence (BI)
Create, Read, Update, and Delete CRUD-
________ is responsible for overseeing every aspect of an organization's information resource. Chief information officer (CIO)
_______responsible for ensuring that information is used in an ethical way and that only the right people have access to certain types of information such as financial records, payroll, and health care Chief privacy officer (CPO)
_______ is responsible for the technical aspects of ensuring the security of information such as the development and use of firewalls, intranets, extranets, and anti-virus software. Chief security officer {CSO)
_______ is responsible for overseeing both the underlying IT infrastructure within an organization and the user-facing technologies Chief technology officer {CTO)
_______is the function in an organization that plans for, oversees the development of, and monitors the information resource Data administration
The ______ of a DBMS helps you manage the overall database environment by providing facilities for backup and recovery, security management, query optimization concurrency control, and change management Data administration subsystem
_____is a collection of information that you organize and access according to the logical structure of that information Database
_____is the function in an organization that plans for, oversees the development of, and monitors the information resource. Database administration
_____functions include defining and organizing database structures and contents, developing security procedures and approving and monitoring the development of database and database applications Database administration
______helps you specify the logical organization for a database and access and use the information within a database Database management system {DBMS)
_____of a DBMS helps you create and maintain the data dictionary and define the structure of the files in a database Data definition subsystem
______ contains the logical structure for the information in a database Data dictionary
_____of a DBMS helps you add, change, and delete information in a database and query it for valuable information Data manipulation subsystem
______is a subset of a data warehouse in which only a focused portion of the data warehouse information is kept Data mart
_____are the software tools you use to query information in a data warehouse Data-mining tool
______is a logical collection of information-gathered from many different operational databases-used to create business intelligence that supports business analysis activities and decision-making tasks Data warehouse
_____ accepts logical requests from the various other DBMS subsystems, converts them into their physical equivalent, and actually accesses the database and data dictionary as they exist on a storage device DBMS engine
______displays key information gathered from several sources on a computer screen in a format tailored to the needs and wants of an individual knowledge worker Digital dashboard
_______ help you apply various mathematical models to the information stored in a data warehouse to discover new information. Statistical Tools
Extraction, transformation, and loading {ETL) 1. Extracting needed data from its sources. 2. Transforming the data into a standardized format. 3. Loading the transformed data into a data warehouse
______is a primary key of one file that appears in another file. Foreign key
_______ rules that help ensure the quality of the information. Integrity constraint
_____the most essential and important quantifiable measures used in analytics initiatives to monitor success of a business activity Key performance indicator {KPI)
______of information, focuses on how you as a knowledge worker need to arrange and access information to meet your particular business needs Logical view
______are slice-and-dice techniques that allow you to view multidimensional information from different perspectives Multidimensional analysis {MDA) tool
______is the manipulation of information to support decision making Online analytical processing {OLAP)
______is the gathering of input information, processing that information, and updating existing information to reflect the gathered and processed information Online transaction processing {OLTP)
Databases that support OLTP are most often referred to as Operational database
_____of information deals with how information is physically arranged, stored, and accessed on some type of storage device such as a hard disk Physical view
_____is a field (or group of fields in some cases) that uniquely describes each record Primary key
_____are similar to QBE tools, SQL, and report generators in the typical database environment Query-and-reporting tool
_____help you graphically design the answer to a question Query-by-example {QBE) tool
______is the process of reinstalling the backup information in the event the information was lost Recovery
______describes each two-dimensional table or file in the ( ______al) model Relation
_____uses a series of logically related two-dimensional tables or files to store information in the form of a database Relational database
A relational database is actually composed of two distinct parts: _________, and _________ ( 1) the information itself, stored in a series of two-dimensional tables, files, or relations and (2) the logical structure of that information
_______help you quickly define formats of reports and what information you want to see in a report Report generator
______is a standardized fourth-generation query language found in most DBMSs Structured query language {SQL)
A _____allows you to see the contents of a database file, make whatever changes you want, perform simple sorting, and query to find the location of specific information View
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