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Unit2 revision 3

Set 3 revision cards

A stimulus is detected by the ..... Receptor
Impulses travel away from the CNS by which neurone? Motor neurone
What part of the CNS is NOT involved in a reflex action? Brain
Sound travels as what type of waves? Longitudinal
What are the chemical substances called that control many processes within the body? Hormones
Type 1 diabetes is controlled by .... Insulin
Type 2 diabetes is controlled by ..... Diet and exercise
People with heartburn can take which medicine? Antacids
Why does the stomach work better if the contents are acidic? For stomach enzymes to work
Write the word equation for a neutralisation reaction Acid + alkali -> water + salt
What is the pH colour and number for a neutral substance like water? Green pH7
Which ion in stomach acid makes it acidic? Hydrogen / H+
What is the unit for power? Watts (W)
What is the power for energy? Joules(j)
What is the unit for current? Amp (A)
What is the unit for potential difference? Voltage (V)
Where are genes found? On a chromosome found in the nucleus of a cell
What are the 7 types of energy? Kinetic, Heat (thermal), Sound, electrical, light, gravitational potential,chemical
Why do hydrocarbons have low boiling points? Because there are weak forces of attraction between the molecules so they need less energy to boil
Show a formula to represent a hydrocarbon CnH2n+2. E.g C2H6
Suggest why incomplete combustion occurs in car engines? Not enough oxygen
Created by: carolinemorgan