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Unit2 revision 2

Second set of revision cards

Name 3 neurones involved in the reflex action Sensory neurone relay neurone motor neurones
How is sound made? By vibrating objects
What is the human hearing range? 20-20000 Hz
Hormones are secreted by .... Glands
Hormones are transported to their target organs by the ....... Bloodstream
High blood glucose levels are a symptom of what disorder? Diabetes
What monitors and controls blood glucose levels? Pancreas
What is the storage molecule of glucose? Glycogen
Is glycogen soluble or insoluble? Insoluble
Is glucose soluble or insoluble? Soluble
When your body temperature rises you can loose heat when...... More blood flows to the capillaries in the skin
How do you generate electricity? Fossil fuel burnt produces heat water turns turbine which drives a generator
An environmental problem that is linked with us using fossil fuels for electricity generation Acid rain / global warming
Name the 4 non renewable energy sources for the generation of electricity Coal - oil - Natural gas - nuclear
Name an energy source that is not a fuel Solar - hydroelectric - geothermal - wind - wave - tidal
Which part of a cell contains genes? Nucleus
What is the name of the part that surrounds a cell? Cell membrane
What is the opposite to dominant? Recessive
Suggest one environmental reason why the efficiency of an appliance should be high as possible More efficient so less energy/ electricity needed so less fuel burned so less CO2 produced
Suggest two safety precautions that a hospital chemist should take when working with stomach acids Safety goggles and gloves
Created by: carolinemorgan