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Science Vocab #1!


Seasons Periods of years that are characterized by the weather or temperature.
Direct Light Light that is touching that specific surface or area.
Indirect light Light that isn't touching the specific surface or area.
Earth's Tilt The earth's tilt is 23.5 and is the reason why we have seasons.Depending on the earth's tilt determines the season on that side of the earth.
Orbit The curved path of a object going around something else.
Revolution The motion of an object around a point, especially around another object.
Axis A imaginary line in which something rotates.
Rotation The action of something rotating around the center or axis.
Solstice The 2 times of the year, the summer and winter solstice.
Equinox The time or day when day and night are of equal length.
Moon Phases(Space view) One side will be dark and the other bright.
Moon Phases(Earth view) You will see the lunar phases of the moon.
Gibbous Observable illuminated part greater than a semicircle and less than a circle on the moon.
Crescent A lunar phase of the moon that you can see from earth.
Waxing Having the visible surface of the moon illuminated making it look larger.
Waning Having the visible surface of the moon not illuminated making it look smaller.
Created by: Brandon!