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iron deficiency anemia ss drinks milk, 40-48 oz day???
to dislodge object from airway 5 back blows then, 5 chest thrusts
diet for cystic fibrosis hi protein, hi calorie
pernicious anemia ss are pallor, tachycardia, sore tongue, anorexia, wt.loss & wide pulse pressure
retinal detachment ss flashing lites in visual field
dehydration may cause increase in heart rate
BUN (Blood Urea Nitrogen) 8 - 23 mg/dl
Creatinine 0.7 - 1.5 mg/dl
Pain may cause vital signs to: BP-increase; pulse-increase;RR-increase;
A critical pathway is a: clinical management tool that organizes the major interventions for a multi disciplinary health care team
Glasgow Coma Scale lower is bad; 3 is a deep coma; Hi score is 15
1st sign of ageing failing eyesight
Bed bath - water temp. should be: 110 to 115
hypokalemia low potassium in blood, often from potassium wasting diuretics
hypokalemia causes problems in renal, cardiac, respiratory and neurological systems
NG tube clogged-easy remedy irrigate with cola-cheap and readily available
uremia buildup of nitrogenous wasts in blood
eremia is evidenced by BUN & creatine levels
enema-hold ___ high 12" above body
normal heart rate 60 to 100
normal RR 16 to 20
normal BP systolic 100 to 119; diastolic 60 to 79
When feeding thru G tube change: feeding solution & tubing q 24 hours
low potassium diet no bananas, no OJ, no cantalope
Where should N walk when with pt who recently lost sight slightly in front with offer of elbow to hold
enteral tube feeding feeding thru a GI tube
enteral within the small intestines
Abdominal assessment sequence: inspect, ausculate, percussion and palpation (this order prevents altering bowel sounds)
hemophilla advice re toothbrush hold under warm water before use
Burn rule of 9's: (%) Trunk 18 X2, Legs 9 X 4, arms 9, Head 9 neck 9 and groin 1
Created by: jeanl