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Latin Prep Bk 1 Ch 4


war bellum, -i, n.
word verbum, -i, n.
temple templum, -i, n.
town oppidum, -i, n.
from or by a (or ab) + ablative
with cum + ablative
down from or concerning de + ablative
out of ex (or e) + ablative
in or on in + ablative
danger periculum, -i, n.
shield scutum, -i, n.
battle proelium, -ii, n.
help auxilium, -ii, n.
stable stabulum, -ii, n.
deed factum, -i, n.
I overcome, I conquer supero
I set free libero
good bonus, -a, -um
bad malus, -a, -um
high, deep altus, -a, -um
tired fessus, -a, -um
big, great magnus, -a, -um
happy, glad laetus, -a, -um
new novus, -a, -um
little parvus, -a, -um
savage saevus, -a, -um
safe tutus, -a, -um
much, many multus, -a, -um
angry iratus, -a, -um
ally socius, -a, -um
I was loving / used to love amabam
you (s.) were loving / used to love amabas
he, she or it was loving / used to love amabat
we were loving / used to love amabamus
you (pl.) were loving / used to love amabatis
they were loving / used to love amabant
I was eram
you (s.) were eras
he, she or it was erat
we were eramus
you (pl.) were eratis
they were erant
Ulysses Ulixes
Greek Graecus, -a, -um
Troy Ilium, -ii, n.
next, then deinde
I wander erro
spirit, ghost anima, -ae, f.
dead mortuus, -a, -um
his own suus, -a, -um
wife marita, -ae, f.
why? cur?
I stand sto
messenger nuntius, nuntii, m.
sword gladius, gladii, m.
gold aurum, auri, n.
for a long time diu
therefore igitur
at last tandem
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